Girly week in review.

Good morning everyone! (I always want to say ladies, but maybe there are a few guys who read this blog? Probably not.) Any fun weekend plans? I’m managed to get myself a ticket, in true fan girl fashion, to a very small 1K person Green Day show at Irving Plaza tonight! I’m not sure anyone knows how deep my obsession runs for Billie Joe Armstrong (see #1), but you’ll find out in two weeks! Otherwise I am making a trip to Ikea to find some goodies for my new office (I started a new job last week) and might attempt to play tennis with the ladies at A Good Hostess tomorrow, if I don’t end up running away with the band! (I’m kidding! Kind of.) Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Here are some of the other girly things we found this week:

Fashion photographer Jamie Beck shares her Top 5 Fashion Week moments
Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer welcomed twins!
YHL shared a sneak peek of their book
How cute are these macaron trinket boxes?
If you don’t know (digital) 91 Magazine, you should! Lots of neon in their new issue!
Mini S’mores Tarts! Enough said!
Gwen Stefani looks fierce on the cover of Marie Claire! Does this woman age?

And in case you missed anything on GirlyObsessions this week, here’s a recap:

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Girly game day gear from PINK.