Hottie Madness, Round 1: The Players.

We’re continuing Round 1 of Hottie Madness with The Players bracket! If you didn’t get to vote for The Seducers bracket, don’t worry, there is still time! Not to sway the votes, but I shared a few thoughts on each matchup, and I tried to choose photos that were similar to put the hotties on a more level playing field. Just a reminder, all hotties had to be featured on the blog in the past year.

You can click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. (You can vote for one person in each matchup.) Click here for more details and to download the bracket. Voting for this bracket has ended.

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Round 1, The Players: Chris Hemsworth vs James Van Der Beek.  Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(1) Chris Hemsworth vs (16) James Van Der Beek

Clearly everyone around here loves Chris, as he was the most shared hottie of ALL the men in the tourney. Sorry, James, I think you’re hilarious in a self-deprecating kind of way, but not sure Dawson can compete with Thor. Or the Aussie accent.

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Tom Chaplin: Keane’s baby-faced lead singer.

This post is inspired by the Keane concert I went to last weekend. (And yes, I actually took notes on my phone while at the show…) I’ve been a huge fan since their first album, Hopes & Fears, came out in 2004. And even though this was the third time I’ve seen them live, I have to admit, I wasn’t that excited for the show. I hadn’t really listened to their new album, and the last time we saw them wasn’t that great. They were playing at the Brooklyn Waterfront, which is a beautiful outdoor venue with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop, but this bitch in front of me pissed me off when she tried to tell me how to use my camera. Seriously? So, sorry, Keane, it wasn’t really your fault, and I take it all back. I do love your music, your new album is fabulous, and you are SO good live.

Keane Tom Chaplin Strangeland Alex Lake

That being said, Tom isn’t the first guy I’d think of for a hottie post. But all the women at the show were going CRAZY over him. Especially the woman behind me screaming I LOVE YOU TOMMY all night. And I totally get the appeal. He’s adorable with that youthful, round, baby-face, and he has some serious stage presence. And he has an amazing voice. Total turn on. And he just seems like a super nice guy, and genuinely grateful for the fans. Plus, I love a man who jumps around a stage in tight black jeans. So, Keane fans, today’s hottie is dedicated to you.

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