Faking perfection: cocktail mixers.

On Friday we continued our blog swapping series with the ladies over at A Good Hostess

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I’m a graphic designer so this isn’t really my forté, but let’s do some math. Blog post math. I can’t mix drinks + outdoor dining = today’s post. I don’t know if this means I’m obsessed with booze, or just lazy…but let’s talk about summer cocktails mixers.

Williams Sonoma Margarita mixers

As much as I would like to be the hostess who can whip up some amazing cocktail for a summer party, I’m just not that girl. Lena even bought me a book about outdoor entertaining with beautifully styled pictures and fabulous drink recipes. I’m sure it was supposed to be inspiring, but it just made me feel totally inadequate. Between the cleaning and prepping and shopping, and overall spazzing, perfection is like the last thing I have time for. But just add booze, now that I can do. Stick something in a blender, I can do that, too. Pour it into a pretty glass and pretend I busted my ass? Done.

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Happy Skinnygirl margarita day! And girly week in review.

Cinco de Mayo is not exactly a waist-friendly holiday (already dreaming of melted cheese and chips), but that’s why we love Skinnygirl cocktails. So we’ll be celebrating with a few margaritas and lots of guac, all while wearing girly sombreros. (Ok, I don’t actually own that hat, but I’m on a hat kick lately and it was too cute not to share!)

Skinnygirl Margarita Kate Spade Sun Stripe Floppy Hat

We hope everyone has a fab weekend and a festive Cinco de Mayo! Here is some of the girly stuff we found this week:

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I love these gorgeous elopement photos from Florence, Italy
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Beautiful photos of St. John on From Me to You. Dreaming of the beach…
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Sweet Reads from Bakerella

And in case you missed anything on GirlyObsessions this week, here’s a recap:

GirlyObsessions Obsession Collection spring fedoras hats Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing self-tanner lotion Joshua Bowman Revenge hot GQ E L James 50 Shades Book singing New Haven Crate & Barrel Lilla Planters
Obsession collection: Spring fedoras.
Faux glow.
The kind of Revenge I like: Joshua Bowman.
The 50 Shades book signing. And boa carnage.
Celebrating Moms.

Eat, Drink and be Skinny!

I am sure by now all you Obsessors have heard of the Skinnygirl Margarita. The low cal, diet friendly drink that reality star and nutrition guru Bethenny Frankel created. It’s light and citrusy and has all the goodness of a Marg without all the calories. The average 12 oz Marg has a whopping 540 calories!

SkinnyGirl Sangria

So I am very excited to see she is expanding her line with one of my summertime favorites, Sangria! This little lady comes in at 134 calories per 5 oz, and uses completely natural flavors. The ingredients include all white grapes, which is awesome for a few reasons…obviously less calories, but also if you are anything like Smash it means that towards the end of the night when it starts jumping out of your glass, less stains!!

Added cool factor: Sangria was chosen as the next cocktail based on fan feedback on Facebook! Bethenny has yet to let me down, whether it be on screen with her witty one liners, or in the isle with her Skinnygirl Cocktails. Which is why I am hoping her Sangria is just one of the many more to come!

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