A Glowing review: Glow by Dr. Brandt.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have really annoying skin: super sensitive, dry, acne prone. I’m frustrated and feel self-conscious that I’m in my 30’s and still suffer from breakouts. But most acne treatments are either too drying, too harsh, or I’m allergic to them. I’ve tried everything to help with the breakouts, reduce old scarring, and improve my skin’s texture and tone, from drugstore cleansers to high-end creams to prescription antibiotics. The only thing that ever really worked with very few side effects was Accutane. Which is weird because it’s a very harsh medication and most people experience horrible side effects. But since I’ve already been on it twice, and it’s a major hassle as woman to get it prescribed, I need to find other solutions.

If I could put all the money in the bank that I’ve spent on my skin over the years, I’d be rich. Or at least have a lot more boots! My latest obsession that actually seems to be working is Glow by Dr. Brandt. I received samples sizes of the Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracrème and the Overnight Resurfacing Serum, and after two weeks of daily use I felt like the texture of my skin had improved. It was softer and more glowy, and redness from acne scarring seemed to be reduced.

A Glowing Review: Glow by Dr. Brandt

Both products contain retinol, and I was able to use them daily without any irritation. Retinol is a retinoid (a form of Vitamin A), as is isotretinoin (the generic name for Accutane), so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it works. Although I’ve tried Retin-A (also a retinoid) in the past and that was too harsh.

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My new skin obsession: Boo Boo Zap.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I have really annoying skin. Its dry, acne-prone and beyond sensitive. I think I’ve tried everything (and in the process have spent way too much money) to cure my random breakouts. Some work and some don’t, but my new fave product (that works!) is Boo Boo Zap from Benefit.

Boo Boo Zap Benefit

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