Girly Fall TV: The Crazy Ones.

Jenn: Mork is coming back to TV! After 32 years, its pretty exciting that Robin Williams is coming back to the small screen in The Crazy Ones, a comedy about a father-daughter duo that own an ad agency.  His daughter is being played by Sarah Michelle Gellar which I find to be a very interesting cast choice. I love her on the big screen. I never watched Buffy so I can’t comment on her in that series. Plus I don’t think I have ever seen her in a comedy. Correct me if I’m wrong?

Ashley: I had to IMDB her, and no, I’ve never seen her in a comedy! Unless you consider I Know What You Did Last Summer a comedy? I mean, it was so awfully good… I’m really curious to see how she pulls off funny, especially opposite a comedic legend. I adore Robin Williams. He’s so amazingly cooky. But it seems like she plays the Yin to Robin Williams’ Yang. He’s unorthodox and unpredictable and she’s focused and organized, and it seems as though she’s constantly having to keep him in line, if that’s even possible. And I had no idea it was about advertising!! I’m even more excited now! As you know, I work in the industry, and it will be nice to have a comedic spin on that world since Mad Men has more than covered the serious side.

Jenn: That makes more sense if her character is the serious side of the relationship.  Speaking of Mad Men, James Wolk has a role in both shows playing Bob Benson in Mad Men and Zach Cropper in this show. I am interested to see how the two characters compare (if they do at all). I think this show is going to have a lot of criticism with Mad Men being so wildly popular – Simon Roberts versus Don Draper. Kelly Clarkson is making a cameo in one of the first episodes and I read that Josh Groban is signed on to make an appearance too.   can’t wait to see who else they have lined up.

Ashley: Oh that’s exciting! I also heard Brad Garrett (from Everybody Loves Raymond) has signed on as well! I do think this will be so vastly different from Mad Men that it might be hard to compare. Don’s genius is more refined and restrained, and Simon’s genius is more…insane. But the best creative minds in the biz are all a bit eccentric, so I think it totally works. I imagine this show will be full of catchy one-liners! There is a lot of buzz about RW being back on the small screen, so I hope that works in the show’s favor and not against it. And it seems like RW and SMG have good chemistry (she is admittedly one of his biggest fans and was honored just to read for him), which can totally make a show.

Jenn: I heard RW improvised in a lot of his scenes and since they only had him in mind for the part, I think he will make the show. I also read in article that RW called James Wolk funny. I hope the show lives up to the hype and can stand on its own alongside an already successful advertising show.

Ashley: Sorry, had to get one last thing in. I’m sure a lot of people will be tuning in since it comes on after the much anticipated hour-long season premiere of The Big Bang Theory. And NO ONE is more excited about that than me! But I will have to decide what to watch at 9 – Glee (which is a bittersweet, Beatles-themed episode) or The Crazy Ones? Seriously, what would I do without my DVR??

The Crazy Ones premieres Thursday, September 26 at 9/8c on CBS.


What we want to watch this fall: Ringer.

Sara: Have you heard about Ringer? It’s the show Sarah Michelle Gellar is making her comeback with. I have recently become addicted to The Lying Games on ABC Family, and Ringer is the much less “tweeny” version of that show. Sarah plays a twin who is living the life of her sister without anyone knowing! There is murder and love and all sorts of chaos and scandal so I am very excited!

Ringer Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ashley: I hadn’t heard of Ringer until you started this post! But like I said in our last post, another show I’m interested in due to the female lead! I never watched Buffy, but I loved SMG when she was creepily seducing her step brother (Ryan Phillippe) in Cruel Intentions. She was the perfect bitch in that movie! Which is hard to imagine cause she seems so nice in real life! Not that I know her…BTW, what ever happened to Freddy Prinze, Jr?? Sorry, I digress.

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