Hottie Madness winner: Ryan Gosling!

Well, who could have predicted that one? (Note the sarcasm.) 2011 was officially the Year of Ryan Gosling, and it’s continuing into 2012. As you know, we’re smitten with Ryan around here and we had a feeling he would win (especially after the People’s Sexiest Man Alive backlash). But there were some close calls, major upsets and seriously heavy competition, and hey, you just never know. But, the ladies have spoken.

So congrats Ryan Gosling. You and your un-Photoshopped abs are crowned the GirlyObsessions Official Hottie for the 2011-2012 season. Wear the title with pride.

GirlyObsessions Hottie Madness 2012 Winner Banner Ryan Gosling

And again, a huge HUGE thanks to all who voted and played along! We had great participation and we’re already prepping for next year!

Ok, no more words. Let’s get to the hotness:

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