Outside Obsessions: Patio Upgrade, Part 2.

In my last post, I came up with a mood board for my patio. It’s about 90% complete. Here is how it looks right now:

Patio Makeover (Mostly) Finished Product! #girlyobsessions

Fresh flowers always give an inviting look to any outdoor space. I purchased a new outdoor/indoor rug from Overstock. This one brightens up the space SO much more than the previous rug. I found some cute accessories for the walls and on top of the coffee table at Home Goods and Kirkland’s.

I reserved some space in the patio for our daughter. She loves the new table but isn’t quite tall enough to get in the chair by herself. A basket was added to hold all of her outdoor toys.  I also purchased a galvanized tub to hold drinks but when we aren’t having a party, I’m using it to hold pool supplies – swim diapers, extra bathing suit and pool toys. (Please excuse the clock; I need to get a stronger 3M hook for it.)

I am not a gardener at all. Frankly, I am surprising my potted plants survived enough to have photographic evidence that we ever had them. But I decided to try my hand at growing herbs. We have basil, parsley and rosemary. The potted plants you see outside of the patio are tomato plants that Charlotte grew in daycare. My wonderful in-laws re-potted them and informed us they only need to be watered every 10 days. Please hope they survive…

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Outside Obsessions: Patio Upgrade, Part 1

In my quick introduction for this blog, I mentioned that we purchased and completely renovated my childhood home. The outside of the house was a bit neglected during the initial four years of home renovations as we upgraded bathrooms, kitchens, hardwood floors, etc. (Maybe in future posts I will chronicle our journey in this house.)

Last year, our big renovation was the backyard patio. We had the old deck demolished, added new stamped concrete and a new screen porch. It has become my favorite place in the house. And I can finally decorate it! As far as home decor, I tend to gravitate towards earth tones, but with the patio I want to get creative.

A few months ago, unbeknownst to my husband, I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, Kohl’s. It was the last day of the coveted 30% off coupon. You ladies know what I am talking about…you just can’t waste those! I ended up coming home with a brand new wicker patio set. Who could resist that rocker? I had been eyeing it up for weeks, and since they were sold out online, I had to purchase the floor model. But it’s heavenly and just needs some fun accessories. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Patio Makeover Moodboard #girlyobsessions

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Faking perfection: cocktail mixers.

On Friday we continued our blog swapping series with the ladies over at A Good Hostess

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I’m a graphic designer so this isn’t really my forté, but let’s do some math. Blog post math. I can’t mix drinks + outdoor dining = today’s post. I don’t know if this means I’m obsessed with booze, or just lazy…but let’s talk about summer cocktails mixers.

Williams Sonoma Margarita mixers

As much as I would like to be the hostess who can whip up some amazing cocktail for a summer party, I’m just not that girl. Lena even bought me a book about outdoor entertaining with beautifully styled pictures and fabulous drink recipes. I’m sure it was supposed to be inspiring, but it just made me feel totally inadequate. Between the cleaning and prepping and shopping, and overall spazzing, perfection is like the last thing I have time for. But just add booze, now that I can do. Stick something in a blender, I can do that, too. Pour it into a pretty glass and pretend I busted my ass? Done.

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Outdoor dining and grown-up plastic.

On Friday we continued our blog swapping series with the ladies over at A Good HostessThe blog is run by two sisters who share their ideas for a stylish home and living the good life in minimal square-footage. They teach you that classy and sassy are not mutually exclusive, and that a good hostess always knows when to use the f-word.

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Summer is approaching. The season of hot dogs, bocce ball and quality time spent around the chimenea. But when hosting a BBQ, who says we have to resort to paper plates and plastic cups? There are so many grown-up “plastic” dinnerware options that are totally fab (and reusable and dishwasher safe)!

Williams Sonoma Outdoor dining melamine plastic dinnerware Crate and Barrel Outdoor dining melamine plastic dinnerware

Lena gifted me a set of plastic wine glasses from Crate & Barrel a few years ago and I was so obsessed that I went and stocked up on more the next year. And then I got swept away in the spirit of the season and bought a full set of melamine plates. And acrylic serving trays. And really cute corn holders. Etc. C&B has a lot of really bright, fun and durable outdoor dinnerware. And if you want to bring the level of sophistication up a notch, Williams-Sonoma has a great selection of dinner and drink ware that you would never know was plastic. Seriously, you could use this stuff every day. No one would know.

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