Hottie Madness 2012. Round 1: The All-Arounders bracket.

Welcome to the last day of Round 1! The All-Arounders bracket. Thanks to all who have voted so far! There are some tight races, so if you haven’t voted for the first three brackets, you still have time! Click on the links to vote for: The Muscle bracket,  The Foreigners bracket and The Better-With-Age bracket.

If you share this on Twitter, tag your post with #hottiemadness! And be sure to click on the links/photos for the full post and more photos. Click here to see more details and download the bracketVoting for this bracket ends Sunday March 11th. And go!

(Lots of J names in this bracket. And Ian’s. And one Leo. Interesting.)

{1} Ian Somerhalder vs {2} Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Ian Somerhalder Damon The Vampire Diaries Joseph Gordon-Levitt BlackBook Magazine

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Blast from the past: Johnny Whitworth.

What’s with today, today? Was anyone else as obsessed with Empire Records as I was? And if you were, was it partially because of Johnny Whitworth and his hair? And his quarter art? And his sexy dance moves and undying love for Liv Tyler? It’s still one of my fave movies, a total cult classic, filled with catch phrases and teenage angst, and an actual record store. (This one is for Meau: I can categorically say that you are not a bigger banana-head.) I’m pretty sure I have the entire movie memorized, and am still a little obsessed with Johnny Whitworth, even though he seemed to have fallen off the face of the acting world. So imagine my excitement when I saw that was was featured in this month’s issue of DA MAN! Still hot. Still has great hair.

And…obsession is back in full gear!

Johnny Whitworth Da Man
Johnny Whitworth Da Man Johnny Whitworth Empire Records
{ Photos courtesy of DA MAN and IMDB }

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