Girly DIY: neon layering necklace.

When I saw these neon Swarovski pearls online like six months ago, I knew I had to have them. I didn’t know what I was going to make, but that didn’t matter. I used to make a lot of jewelry (I even made my necklace for my wedding) so I had most of the supplies, but I haven’t made anything in years. I guess I just needed some neon beads to feel inspired! I finally got around to using them last weekend, and I’m sharing the tutorial with you today. (Actually, I bought enough beads to make like 5 necklaces, so stay tuned for another tutorial in a few weeks!)

This necklace was inspired by many that I have bought over the years, mainly fromĀ J.Crew. I love long necklaces that can be layered or worn alone, and this one is mostly neutral with a bright pop of neon for a little added fun factor!

GIRLY DIY: Neon Layering Necklace j.Crew inspired Swarovski pearls

So, let’s get started. The beauty of this necklace is that you can make it with any color metal, and any type of bead that you like! Swarovski makes pearls in every size and color, but you could also use crystals or gemstones or sparkly beads for added glam. I’ll break down the list of what I used below (click image to enlarge).

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