Holiday 2013 Girly Gift Guide: Deck The Halls.

We’ve done it. We’ve reached the last page of the Holiday 2013 Girly Gift Guide, and just in time. There are only two weeks left until Christmas, so time to finish up your shopping! And even if the season snuck up on you like it did me, there is still time to deck the halls and spread a little holiday cheer. Happy holidays everyone! Thanks for putting up with the gift-giving-frenzy! Check out the full guide below the collection, or by clicking hereHappy girly gifting!

 Holiday 2013 Girly Gift Guide: Deck The Halls. #girlygiftguide #gifts #giftguide #girlyobsessions #holiday #deckthehalls #decor

1. Wildfox Glowing Lights Pullover, 108. 2. Terrain Stargazer Lights, 38. 3. Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Gift Set, 40. 4. Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Trees, 15-69. 5. Pottery Barn Cable Knit Candles, 20. 6. Primitives Hoopla Here Ornament, 5. 7. Pottery Barn Pomegranate Framed Print, 59-199. 8. Terrain Antique Bloom Wreath, 128. 9. West Elm Peacock Ornament, 6. 10. West Elm Owl Candle, 14. 11. Swarovski Annual Ornament, 75. 12. Crate & Barrel Snowflake Glass Mug, 3.95 13. Williams-Sonoma Holiday Striped Oven Mitt, 12.95

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Outside Obsessions: Patio Upgrade, Part 2.

In my last post, I came up with a mood board for my patio. It’s about 90% complete. Here is how it looks right now:

Patio Makeover (Mostly) Finished Product! #girlyobsessions

Fresh flowers always give an inviting look to any outdoor space. I purchased a new outdoor/indoor rug from Overstock. This one brightens up the space SO much more than the previous rug. I found some cute accessories for the walls and on top of the coffee table at Home Goods and Kirkland’s.

I reserved some space in the patio for our daughter. She loves the new table but isn’t quite tall enough to get in the chair by herself. A basket was added to hold all of her outdoor toys.  I also purchased a galvanized tub to hold drinks but when we aren’t having a party, I’m using it to hold pool supplies – swim diapers, extra bathing suit and pool toys. (Please excuse the clock; I need to get a stronger 3M hook for it.)

I am not a gardener at all. Frankly, I am surprising my potted plants survived enough to have photographic evidence that we ever had them. But I decided to try my hand at growing herbs. We have basil, parsley and rosemary. The potted plants you see outside of the patio are tomato plants that Charlotte grew in daycare. My wonderful in-laws re-potted them and informed us they only need to be watered every 10 days. Please hope they survive…

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Outside Obsessions: Patio Upgrade, Part 1

In my quick introduction for this blog, I mentioned that we purchased and completely renovated my childhood home. The outside of the house was a bit neglected during the initial four years of home renovations as we upgraded bathrooms, kitchens, hardwood floors, etc. (Maybe in future posts I will chronicle our journey in this house.)

Last year, our big renovation was the backyard patio. We had the old deck demolished, added new stamped concrete and a new screen porch. It has become my favorite place in the house. And I can finally decorate it! As far as home decor, I tend to gravitate towards earth tones, but with the patio I want to get creative.

A few months ago, unbeknownst to my husband, I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, Kohl’s. It was the last day of the coveted 30% off coupon. You ladies know what I am talking about…you just can’t waste those! I ended up coming home with a brand new wicker patio set. Who could resist that rocker? I had been eyeing it up for weeks, and since they were sold out online, I had to purchase the floor model. But it’s heavenly and just needs some fun accessories. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Patio Makeover Moodboard #girlyobsessions

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Obsessed with H&M Home!

Hey everyone! I’m back from the blogging dead. That sounds a bit morbid, but I have survived a few seriously intense weeks at work, with a lack of sleep I haven’t experienced since college. (I’m too old for that shit now, so it does seem like survival.) Weeks that left literally zero time for blogging, or anything personal for that matter. But I’m super excited to get back to the blog! Although a little less excited about the insanely long post to-do list I’ve accumulated. But I gotta start somewhere, and even though this is a few weeks late, I wanted to share some of the items that I’m loving from H&M’s Home collection. As I’m sure you know by now, H&M finally launched their US e-commerce site, and I am coveting so. many. things. And with the insanely affordable prices (watch out, IKEA) and abundance of skull-themed pieces, combined with my overall lack of shopping lately, I feel like my online cart will be overflowing! It was so hard to narrow down the hundreds of fab items into this small list, but here are some of my faves. What are yours? 

Obsessed with the H&M Home collection! #girlyobsessions

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Urban Outfitters brings it home.

I’ve been totally obsessed with the growing selection of home decor at Urban Outfitters. They’ve always had an APARTMENT category, but it’s expanded way beyond what used to seem like a selection of dorm accessories and random GAMES, TOYS & FUN SH!T. (Although that is still my favorite section to browse in the store.) Along with the books. Where else can you find the fabulously pink Fuck This Book, a book about Hot Guys with Baby Animals, or for my husband, a book celebrating the amazingness of Dirty Dancing? Anyways, for those of you with a fun, bold and somewhat quirky sense of style, I’m pretty sure you’ll love Urban’s home offerings. Here are some of my faves:

Reclaimed Wood-Goodness
I love all the reclaimed wood pieces (even if it’s new wood pretending to be old). A great way to add a bit of rustic charm to your home.

Urban Outfitters Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard Urban Outfitters Little Boxes Wall Organizer  Urban Outfitters Valet Multi-Hook Jewelry Organizer Urban Outfitters Industrial Storage Cabinet
Reclaimed Wood Chalkboard $49
Little Boxes Wall Organizer $98
Valet Multi-Hook Jewelry Organizer $49
Industrial Storage Cabinet $349 

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C. Wonder at home.

Did anyone see the last episode of The Pitch with C. Wonder as the client? Does Chris Burch seem like a hard man to please or what? I visited the SoHo flagship store a few months ago (complete with Kelly Ripa sighting) and meant to do a post about the store then, but forgot about it until I saw the show. And while they have tons of fab clothes and accessories to share (and overall store awesomeness), I really love their home decor. They sell everything from pillows and table settings, to artwork and candles, to pet accessories and techy gadgets, all with a unique, eclectic and feminine aesthetic.

C. Wonder really knows how to bring the whimsy. And the pattern. And the elephants. Seriously so much elephant goodness. I mean how am I supposed to resist an elephant plate with pink ikat border? Total girly overload!! It was really hard to decide what to feature, but here are some a lot of my faves. (Sorry, had a hard time editing this one!)

 C Wonder Dictionary Print Glass Plate Elephant JoieC Wonder Monogram Decorative Plate
C Wonder Pink Ikat Elephant PlateC Wonder Floral Melamine Appetizer Plates
C Wonder Banner
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Obsessed with stripes. In general, and now at home. Thanks West Elm.

You know I’m obsessed with stripes. I’m also obsessed with West Elm, although it might not be totally apparent on the blog. (Although I did just do a post about their partnership with Claudia Pearson.) Stripes are everywhere in fashion and home decor, but West Elm was kind enough to send me an email about all their Summer Stripes items. I’m not gonna lie, I got a little giddy. It doesn’t take much. Their striped items are modern and colorful, and range from curtains and furniture, to bedding, bath accessories and home decor. If only I had unlimited funds…because now I pretty much want it all!

Anyone else as obsessed with stripes as I am? I’m definitely on a stripes kick lately, especially with clothes. Do you have a favorite item below? I love the mugs and bowls, especially since they have the polka dot insides! Two birds, one bowl!

West Elm Stripes Bowls and Mugs
West Elm Summer Stripes
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