Getting my craft on.

On Monday I blogged about the cookies I made as favors for my friends baby shower. In addition to the cookies, I made some pretty cute candy jars. While the whole process went a lot more smoothly than the cookies, there was still some frustration involved. Mainly due to adhesive and lack of supplies issues. But overall, it was a fun project with a good outcome! Plus I haven’t done something this crafty since, like, college? Scratch that, forgot about my wedding invitations. I still have nightmares of printing and cutting and taping and folding.

Anyways, this process was pretty simple.

Step 1: Buy some sort of container.
This seems like a simple step, but there are a ton of options out there, and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good Google search. So I spent a few days picking out the perfect jars. I had some picked out from a favor supply company, they were in the cart and ready to go, but shipping was ridiculously expensive. Then I got lucky and found some super cute jars on sale at the Crate & Barrel outlet and shipping was like $7 compared to over $25 from the other store. Score!

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