Girly Fall TV: Dracula.

Jenn and I started this conversation about Dracula with the best intentions. We’re both really excited about the new series, but it’s just been one of those super crazy weeks, and the conversation ended up being this:

Jenn: The only reason why I wish to watch Dracula is purely due to the fact that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in it. I think your hottie post this week pretty much explains why. Hello GORGEOUS! I loved him in The Tudors as Henry VIII. Dracula is sexier than ever with him in the lead role.

Girly Fall TV: Dracula. #girlyobsessions #dracula #jonathanrhysmeyers #falltv

Ashley: Let’s face it, there is no shortage of vampire shows out there, so what makes this one different and why should we watch it? Like you, the main reason I’m watching is JRM – I think he has the perfect amount of brooding intensity and sensuality. And unlike The Vampire DiariesThe OriginalsTrue Blood and Twilight (to name a few), this one is a period piece, which I’m also excited about. I do, however, think the 10pm Friday time slot is kinda…sucky. (Pun totally intended.)

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