Another girly giveaway: gold-dipped blue druzy earrings!

Remember the post we did about druzy jewelry last month? Well, we managed to get our hands on the beautiful gold-dipped blue druzy earrings from Jenn Lee Designs!

Based on Pinterest, these beauties were the favorite piece of everything we shared. And we’re so happy to say that one of our readers will be lucky enough to win them!! The winner will be chosen at random on June 22nd and will be announced as an update to this post. Good luck!!

Jenn Lee Etsy druzy jewelry

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Etsy finds: druzy jewelry.

I collected rocks as a little girl. Not like pet rocks, but pretty geodes and sparkly pyrite. My collection never really grew to its full potential, because like most kids, I moved on to another obsession, and another collection. (Although I guess I never really outgrew that phase, it’s just grown up and turned into Obsession Collections!) But, my love of druzy jewelry goes back to childhood and became a full on adult obsession last year when I fell in love with a Dara Ettinger necklace I saw at Urban Outfitters.

The Wikipedia definition of druzy: In geological usage druse or druzy is a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a vug or geode. My definition: natural sparkly awesomeness.

I was inspired to finally write this post because while in the city this weekend, I saw some beautiful but majorly pricey pieces at Henri Bendel. And since I’m addicted to Etsy, I wanted to share a few shops selling some beautiful and affordable druzy jewelry! (Click the links or banners below to go to the shop!)

MSO Joies

MSO Joies Etsy
MSO Joies Etsy druzy jewelry MSO Joies Etsy druzy jewelry MSO Joies Etsy druzy jewelry

Lauren Handler Designs

Lauren Handler Etsy
Lauren Handler Etsy druzy jewelry Lauren Handler Etsy druzy jewelry Lauren Handler Etsy druzy jewelry

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