Downton Hottie (no more): Dan Stevens.

Well, I guess the title of this post doesn’t really give anything away. We all knew that Dan Stevens wasn’t coming back to Downton next year. Sigh. What we didn’t know was how his character, Matthew Crawley, would be written off. And now we do. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the finale, try to avoid reading this post and just click on the pretty pictures. That’s why you “read” the hottie posts anyways.

Dan Stevens Downton Abbey hot

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Finally, a Downton Abbey Season 3 trailer!!

The peeps over at Vulture have shared a somewhat bootlegged (recorded off a television in the U.K.) video of the Downton Abbey Season 3 promo! But who cares, it’s NEW INFORMATION! And visuals of Matthew! And Shirley MacLaine. OMG, HAPPY THURSDAY! I already can’t handle the drama in this ONE MINUTE of video, including Branson saying to Matthew, “You won’t be happy with anyone else while Lady Mary walks the earth.” UGH, if they don’t end up together I might just die.

Official countdown to January 6th: 143 days. Stay strong, Downton fans, it will be here before you know it!

The men of Downton Abbey.

It’s official. I am seriously in love with Matthew Crawley. (And Lord Grantham. And Mr. Bates. But really truly in love with Matthew Crawley.)

I was a little late to the game on Downton Abbey. It was on my list of shows to watch, but I can barely keep up with my DVR as it is. Of course, I was totally obsessed once I started watching and was caught up within a week! Which sucks because now I have to wait months for its return. And I have to say, after reading the very sexual 50 Shades books, there is something appealing about the painfully-slow-will-they-or-won’t-they romances. I mean when you wait an entire season for ONE KISS, it’s totally worth it when it finally happens. Like, epic.

Who else loves this show? It’s seriously so good. And so addicting. And chock full of eye candy in the form of the following charming Brits:

Matthew Crawley played by Dan Stevens
I’m not normally attracted to blondes (unless they’re Leo), but Matthew is so charming and adorable and handsome and has the most amazing blue eyes. I am seriously smitten. And now that I’ve caught up on the series, I’ve gone back and watched all the romantic scenes with Matthew on YouTube. Several times. And countless interviews with Dan Stevens. I have issues, but this is what happens when you’re obsessed…

Downton Abbey Matthew Crawley Dan Stevens
Downton Abbey Matthew Crawley Dan Stevens Downton Abbey Matthew Crawley Dan Stevens Michelle Dockery Downton Abbey Matthew Crawley Dan Stevens

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