Hottie Madness, Round 2: The Players.

Next up in Round 2 of Hottie Madness is The Players bracket. It was also a close race between Jeremy Sisto and Dan Stevens, until the end when Dan pulled way ahead. And one major upset this round was James Franco’s narrow victory over Taylor Lautner. I guess I’m not the only one that’s Team Edward! Actually, Robert Pattinson currently has a huge lead over Channing Tatum. So if you’re a fan of the Sexiest Man Alive, make sure you vote for him in Round 2 of The Charmers bracket. You can also still vote in The Seducers bracket. Help all your fave hotties move on to the Sweet 16!

Click on the names for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. Voting for this bracket ends Wednesday, March 27th. And if you share on any social networks, tag your posts with #hottiemadness!

Round 2, The Players: Liam Hemsworth vs Dan Stevens. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(1) Chris Hemsworth vs (9) Dan Stevens

Chris beat James Van Der Beek with 83% of the vote. Good for Dawson for that 17% though! And Dan was behind until the very end, when he ended up winning over Jeremy Sisto with 71%. And now, we have what’s officially known as The Battle of the Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. Aussie vs Brit. Thor/Huntsman vs my beloved Matthew Crawley. Crap.

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