Hottie Madness: Championship Game!

We’ve made it to the Championship Game in Hottie Madness! We started with 64 hotties and now we’re down to two! The battle between the Gandy Candy and RPatz was INTENSE. It was back and forth the entire time, with a total of 13,222 votes cast, but David’s fans rallied at the end to get him the win. Just to put things in perspective, last year I averaged like 50 votes per matchup. So seeing that over 13k(!!!) people voted in just this one competition blows my mind! I truly appreciate all the votes and the continued support. And I do feel bad for the RPatz fans (myself included, but I’m a fan of all the guys in my bracket), so I have something special planned for him and his fans on Wednesday when the Official Hottie is revealed! Who’s it going to be?

Side note: I just want to address an issue that was brought up about the voting. The polls are run through Poll Daddy and I only allowed one vote per IP address. There was some concern over cheating, but I checked the votes last night (I can see how many votes were cast per IP address) and everything seems legit. Also, after seeing two amazing Green Day shows this weekend, I still think Billie Joe should have made it farther! That man knows how to command a stadium full of 15k people, all of them hanging on his every word. So much stage presence and energy, and he seriously doesn’t look like he’s aged at all in the past 20 years. I love him. LOVE HIM. Anyway, I digress…back to business!

This time I’m sharing a collection of images of each hottie to help with the voting, but you can click on their names for more pictures. Voting for this bracket has ended. Good luck to our super hot finalists!

Champtionship: David Gandy vs Chris Hemsworth. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.

(7) David Gandy vs (1) Chris Hemsworth
In the Battle of the Brits, the Gandy Candy hotness reigned supreme and he ended up winning over RPatz with 57.6% of the vote. And in the Battle of the Aussies, Chris Hemsworth took it over Hugh Jackman with 57.5%. I know Chris is a top seed, but based on everyone’s comments I was sure Hugh would have taken it. Perhaps it was the photos of Chris toting around his little girl that gave him the edge? David vs Chris is going to be a tough one. But it should be, it’s the final! Both guys are incredibly handsome and masculine. Both have amazing bodies. Both have gorgeous blue eyes and sexy accents. So who’s it going to be – the British supermodel or the Australian actor? This might be too tough a decision for a Monday morning, you know?

Good luck to our final hotties and thanks so much for voting! Check back on Wednesday to see who is crowed the Official Hottie!

Hottie Madness: Final 4!

We’ve reached the Final 4 in Hottie Madness! The top guys from each bracket have moved on to compete against each other. And what are the odds we’d be left with two Brits and two Aussies competing against each other? I’m surprised with how the bracket has turned out with only one top seed remaining. And David Gandy, who just made the cut, is steamrolling his competition. The winners of the Final 4 will compete against each other for the title of Official Hottie, so who’s it going to be?

Side note: I’m kinda bummed that I’m going to miss Syracuse play in the Final 4 this weekend. But I’ll be missing the game for a good reason. I’ll be seeing my ultimate hottie (and personal top seed), Billie Joe, up close and personal at not one, but TWO, Green Day concerts this weekend!

You can click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. Voting for this bracket has ended.

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Final 4: David Gandy vs Robert Pattinson. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(7) David Gandy vs (7) Robert Pattinson

David beat out former Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper with an overwhelming 86% of the vote. And RPatz took out the other Hemsworth brother with 62%. This should be an interesting Battle of the Brits – a 7 vs a 7, a sexy top model with the perfect body vs a brooding sparkly vampire heartthrob. The fans of both guys have gotten them this far, so I guess we’ll see who’s are more loyal, Team David’s Team Edward’s.


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Hottie Madness: Elite 8!

Hottie Madness is coming to an end – only two more rounds until we have a winner! And if you thought there were some tough decisions in the earlier rounds, the Elite 8 is where it gets serious. Only one hottie from each bracket will go on to compete in the Final 4! (‘CUSE also made it to the Final 4!) The competition is tough this round. Hugh Jackman vs Christian Bale?? Come on. And if you’re a BCoop fan, rally the votes, cause David Gandy fans are on a mission to get him to the final! BTW, what’s with all the facial hair?? Every dude in this round (actaully, almost the entire tourney) has some sort of beard. Not that I mind, but doesn’t anyone shave anymore??

You can click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. Voting for this bracket has ended.

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Elite 8: Bradley Cooper vs David Gandy. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(1) Bradley Cooper vs (7) David Gandy

The former Sexiest Man Alive only had a 56% win over Josh Duhamel. I don’t know if that will be strong enough to win over David Gandy, who’s fans are driving like 70% of the traffic to this tournament! (Thanks by the way!) David had a huge win over Matthew McConaughey with 93% of the vote. Fact: after hours of image searching I’ve learned that if you stare at these guys long enough, you’ll get hypnotized by their eyes. I don’t envy anyone having to make a decision like this. Including myself.

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Hottie Madness: Sweet 16!

We’ve reached the Sweet 16 of Hottie Madness, and the competition is getting tough! I’m sharing all eight matchups across the four brackets, so make sure you scroll all the way down or else you’ll miss Hugh Jackman! Vote for your faves to move on to the Elite 8! (Speaking of which, I’m thrilled that CUSE made it to the Elite 8 last night in the actual tourney. Go Orange!)

You can click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. Voting for this bracket has ended.

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Sweet16: Bradley Cooper vs Josh Duhamel. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(1) Bradley Cooper vs (4) Josh Duhamel

It’s an All-American Hottie battle! Brad had a pretty easy win over Colin Farell, 64%, but Josh had a very narrow win over Gerard Butler. Two votes. 50.25%. So will that be enough to win against last years Sexiest Man Alive? I loved Brad in Silver Linings Playbook, so much that it spawned a major obsession. But Josh adopts doxies…

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Hottie Madness, Round 2: The Players.

Next up in Round 2 of Hottie Madness is The Players bracket. It was also a close race between Jeremy Sisto and Dan Stevens, until the end when Dan pulled way ahead. And one major upset this round was James Franco’s narrow victory over Taylor Lautner. I guess I’m not the only one that’s Team Edward! Actually, Robert Pattinson currently has a huge lead over Channing Tatum. So if you’re a fan of the Sexiest Man Alive, make sure you vote for him in Round 2 of The Charmers bracket. You can also still vote in The Seducers bracket. Help all your fave hotties move on to the Sweet 16!

Click on the names for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. Voting for this bracket ends Wednesday, March 27th. And if you share on any social networks, tag your posts with #hottiemadness!

Round 2, The Players: Liam Hemsworth vs Dan Stevens. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(1) Chris Hemsworth vs (9) Dan Stevens

Chris beat James Van Der Beek with 83% of the vote. Good for Dawson for that 17% though! And Dan was behind until the very end, when he ended up winning over Jeremy Sisto with 71%. And now, we have what’s officially known as The Battle of the Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes. Aussie vs Brit. Thor/Huntsman vs my beloved Matthew Crawley. Crap.

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Hottie Madness, Round 1: The Players.

We’re continuing Round 1 of Hottie Madness with The Players bracket! If you didn’t get to vote for The Seducers bracket, don’t worry, there is still time! Not to sway the votes, but I shared a few thoughts on each matchup, and I tried to choose photos that were similar to put the hotties on a more level playing field. Just a reminder, all hotties had to be featured on the blog in the past year.

You can click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. (You can vote for one person in each matchup.) Click here for more details and to download the bracket. Voting for this bracket has ended.

(Oh, and if you share on any social networks, tag your posts with #hottiemadness!)

Round 1, The Players: Chris Hemsworth vs James Van Der Beek.  Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(1) Chris Hemsworth vs (16) James Van Der Beek

Clearly everyone around here loves Chris, as he was the most shared hottie of ALL the men in the tourney. Sorry, James, I think you’re hilarious in a self-deprecating kind of way, but not sure Dawson can compete with Thor. Or the Aussie accent.

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Hotties of the Year: 2012.

Sorry that I’ve totally slacked on hottie posts (and all posts for that matter) for the past few weeks. It’s not like me. I actually started this post two weeks ago, but I’ve been swamped at work and busy trying to get Christmas stuff done, so the blog has taken a back seat. And I am taking next week off from blogging to enjoy the holiday and recharge my batteries, and I’ll be back in full force in the new year.

But I do hate to see weeks go by with no hotties, so I’m going to try to make up for it. A lot of magazines right now are coming out with their Entertainers/Men of the Year issues (GQ, EW, Details), so I thought I’d recap some of my picks for Hotties of the Year 2012. Some are new to the blog, and some have already been featured, but you can never have too much hotness, right?

It was so hard to narrow down all the hotties of the year into a small list, so I’m sorry if I’ve left out your faves!! Who would be your top hottie of 2012?

Roll over image to see Hotties of the Year 21012 categories and winners.

Sexiest Stripper: Channing Tatum
Who knew a movie about male strippers would be so successful? (Well, I could have told you that…) It’s hard to choose just one hottie from a movie full of them, but Channing brings the sexy in Magic Mike. Those dance moves? Damn. He clearly had a good year, also starring in The Vow and 21 Jump Street, and was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive. And how can you not love a man, when asked what super power he wishes he had, answers, “To be able to read my wife’s mind.” Swoon! (And we recently found out he’s going to be a DILF daddy, so congrats Channing and Jenna!)

Super Hotties: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christian Bale and Henry Cavill
I freaking love, LOVE, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So much so that I may have been the only person to see Premium Rush. And he was so great in The Dark Knight Rises as a super-hero sidekick to my other love, Christian Bale. I’m sad to see CB’s part of the franchise end, but I seriously hope they continue with JG-L as Robin. Plus you gotta love a guy who channels his inner stripper for a very sexy Magic Mike tribute on SNL. And even though Man of Steel isn’t out until next summer (ugh), Henry Cavill (and his package) has been getting a lot of well-deserved attention!

Red-headed British Hotties: Eddie Redmayne and Damian Lewis
I mentioned this in my Claire Danes post, but I’m completely obsessed with Homeland, including its friendly neighborhood terrorist and Emmy-award-winning star, Damian Lewis. I had no idea he was a “pesky Brit” until he accepted his award, and with a typical British sense of humor, said: “I don’t really believe in judging art, but I showed up just in case.” I’m completely enamored with him and the character he plays. And I’ve already blogged about my love for Eddie Redmayne, so I’m thrilled to see his stylish, perfectly coiffed self all over the place promoting Les Mis. Just one more reason I can’t wait to see this movie!

Downton Hotties: Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery
I’ve already done a hottie post on the Men of Downton Abbey (one of my most popular posts!), but it’s no secret that Dan Stevens is my fave. I went to see him in The Heiress on Broadway, and stalking the stage door finally paid off! I not only met him, but hugged him, got his autograph and a picture with him! He was completely lovely and charming in person, so now I’m even more obsessed. I will be crushed if he doesn’t return for Season 4. Crushed. And Michelle Dockery is just stunning. Even though Lady Mary is a bit stuck up, I have a soft spot for her!

Just Cause: Leonardo DiCaprio and John Krasinski
Leo should always be featured, just cause he’s Leo. He is one of my all-time faves, and since he made it to the final round of Hottie Madness earlier this year, I know I’m not alone! I’m excited to see him in Django Unchained, but more excited for The Great Gatsby, which was supposed to be out this year but has been pushed back until 2013. Bummer. Either way, he had a busy 2012. And in case you need another reason (which you don’t), he was featured in the Details Hollywood Maverick’s issue as the Leading Man. John Krasinski was featured in that same issue as the Idea Man, which made me realize I’ve never done a post on him (what?), so this is way overdue. I’ve been a long time fan of John on The Office, and I basically love him in anything he does! He’s just so damn adorable. Check him out in the upcoming movie Promised Land, which he co-created, co-wrote and co-stars in with fellow hottie Matt Damon.

The New Hotties: The Cast of New Girl
I recently did a post on the boys of New Girl and like I said in that post, I started watching the show because I was a fan Zooey Deschanel (and still am), but the guys have totally won me over and stolen my heart. New Girl has become one of my favorite shows, and the cast has such great chemistry. Can’t get enough of the douchebag jar!

Brotherly Hotties: Chris and Liam Hemsworth
I’ve featured both brothers on this site, and they have both had incredible years, Liam with The Hunger Games and Chris with Snow White, The Avengers and Red Dawn. So…I can’t feature one without the other. I love how Thor director Kenneth Branagh described Chris’ appeal to Out magazine: “[Chris] is built like a concrete shipyard and looks very fetching with his shirt off.” Umm, yum.

Girl Crushing: Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway
There are so many women I could feature, but these are three of my fave ladies of 2012, each of them being nominated for SAG and Golden Globe awards for their performances this year! Jennifer had a huge year with The Hunger Games and I’m so happy to see her nominated for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, which I adored. (Check out my review!) I think she is super sexy and I love her raspy voice and sense of humor. I was also lucky to see Jessica Chastain in The Heiress, and the fact that Jessica came out to talk to the fans, take pics and sign autographs was amazing. She was incredibly sweet and I was thrilled to meet such a charming, beautiful, total A-lister, with the most fabulous hair and smile. I loved her in The Help, and I can’t wait to see her in Zero Dark Thirty. And I’ve been a fan of Anne Hathaway since The Princess Diaries. I think she is stunning, such a unique beauty, and I love seeing her all over the red carpet while promoting Les Mis. She is getting rave reviews for her performance, and from the clips I’ve seen and heard, I know she will be fabulous. As always! Good luck during award season, ladies!

Hottest Judging Musician: Adam Levine
There are so many hot musicians, and I don’t feature enough of them on my blog, but Adam Levine has had an incredible year (well, few years) and it’s time to show him some love. I’m not a devoted fan of The Voice, although I love the show when I do watch it, and seriously, Adam Levine is so hot. And funny. An genuine. And great with the contestants. And that dude can sing. I mean, who knew a song about a payphone could be so freaking sexy??? I just love all those tats, and the voice, and the hair, and the shirtless moves like Jagger, and the overall rock star vibe.   

Surprise Obsessions: Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck
Well, I recently mentioned in my post about Bradley that I was never a huge fan (not cause of his looks, but cause of the characters he played), but my love for Silver Linings Playbook made him my latest obsession. I adored him in that movie and now his hotness has gone to a whole new level. Same with Ben Affleck. I don’t know why, but I just wasn’t a fan. After Good Will Hunting, I went down the path of Matt Damon and turned on Ben Affleck. Sorry Ben, I don’t know why. But I have loved all the movies he’s directed and also starred in, especially Argo, and I’m pleased to see it nominated for so many awards. He is clearly at the top of his game, and I kind of adore his relationship with Jennifer Garner. Plus, how can you not melt at the fact that Jennifer says he “excels” at “playing babydoll” with his girls Violet and Seraphina? Totally swoon-worthy. Consider me converted!

So, that’s it. The last hottie post of the year. But I’ll be back the first week of January with a new crop for 2013!

The Huntsman: Chris Hemsworth.

Since we’ve already shared our crush on his co-star Charlize, and his brother Liam, I think it’s time we shared some love for Chris Hemsworth. Personally, I think I’m slightly more attracted to Liam, but really, it’s like choosing between Spree’s and Nerds. Both are pretty damn good, you know? Chris is having quite a run at the box office, first with the major success of The Avengers, and now with the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman. They’ve been promoting this movie for like a year now, so I’m sure it will be a huge hit.

Chris Hemsworth IMDB
Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth

And what’s not to love about the older Hemsworth? The brothers share some major hottie genes: tall, gorgeous blue eyes, charming smiles, and of course, the Aussie accents. It’s double the pleasure when those two are next to each other, and Chris looks even better with two lovely ladies on his arms!

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