Hottie Madness: Championship Game!

We’ve made it to the Championship Game in Hottie Madness! We started with 64 hotties and now we’re down to two! The battle between the Gandy Candy and RPatz was INTENSE. It was back and forth the entire time, with a total of 13,222 votes cast, but David’s fans rallied at the end to get him the win. Just to put things in perspective, last year I averaged like 50 votes per matchup. So seeing that over 13k(!!!) people voted in just this one competition blows my mind! I truly appreciate all the votes and the continued support. And I do feel bad for the RPatz fans (myself included, but I’m a fan of all the guys in my bracket), so I have something special planned for him and his fans on Wednesday when the Official Hottie is revealed! Who’s it going to be?

Side note: I just want to address an issue that was brought up about the voting. The polls are run through Poll Daddy and I only allowed one vote per IP address. There was some concern over cheating, but I checked the votes last night (I can see how many votes were cast per IP address) and everything seems legit. Also, after seeing two amazing Green Day shows this weekend, I still think Billie Joe should have made it farther! That man knows how to command a stadium full of 15k people, all of them hanging on his every word. So much stage presence and energy, and he seriously doesn’t look like he’s aged at all in the past 20 years. I love him. LOVE HIM. Anyway, I digress…back to business!

This time I’m sharing a collection of images of each hottie to help with the voting, but you can click on their names for more pictures. Voting for this bracket has ended. Good luck to our super hot finalists!

Champtionship: David Gandy vs Chris Hemsworth. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.

(7) David Gandy vs (1) Chris Hemsworth
In the Battle of the Brits, the Gandy Candy hotness reigned supreme and he ended up winning over RPatz with 57.6% of the vote. And in the Battle of the Aussies, Chris Hemsworth took it over Hugh Jackman with 57.5%. I know Chris is a top seed, but based on everyone’s comments I was sure Hugh would have taken it. Perhaps it was the photos of Chris toting around his little girl that gave him the edge? David vs Chris is going to be a tough one. But it should be, it’s the final! Both guys are incredibly handsome and masculine. Both have amazing bodies. Both have gorgeous blue eyes and sexy accents. So who’s it going to be – the British supermodel or the Australian actor? This