Our fave fictional boyfriend: David Gandy.

I’m mad at myself for not writing this post sooner, because the image search was SO. DAMN. HOT! (But don’t worry, I did write it in time to make the cut for Hottie Madness 2013, which starts next week!)

Some of you may recognize British model David Gandy from the Banana Republic Mad Men ads. Or perhaps you recognize him from the incredibly sexy Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue campaign – with those smoldering eyes and his beautiful bod covered only in water and tiny white briefs. Damn. But if you’ve read any of the books on my 50 Shades Withdrawal lists, you’ll know that he’s also served as the inspiration for many of the swoon-worthy fictional boyfriends. Raine Miller definitely used David as her muse when describing Ethan Blackstone in the Blacksone Affair trilogy. And I feel like he was also the inspiration for Gideon Cross. Well, at least in my head. (Anyone else agree?) I mean, you gotta picture someone when reading these books, so who better to picture than David??

Hump day Hottie: David Gandy sexy smiling abs muscles model

BTW, narrowing down the images for this post was IMPOSSIBLE. I’m pretty sure he’s the perfect specimen of a man. (P.S. As Laura pointed out in the comments below, he’s beautiful on the inside as well, devoting a lot of his time to charities, including his latest initiative, the Blue Steel Appeal auction.)