50 Shades of ???

{ OK, we’ve discussed the books, now it’s time to discuss the movie. Specifically, who could possible play Christian. Here are our thoughts. Would love to know yours! }

Sara: So I am at the start of book three in the 50 Shades of Grey series. And I am very excited about going to meet the author next week!! Since the movie has been scheduled to go into production, it has me thinking who could play Christian. I am at a loss. I have gone through all the GO hotties, and I am not sure anyone fits the bill!

Ash: I KNOW! It’s really a tough call. Part of me thinks they should cast someone unknown. I didn’t really know Robert Pattinson until he was cast as Edward and now I totally adore him. But would I feel the same way if he wasn’t playing the vamp of my dreams? I don’t know. Of all the men in Hollywood, I don’t know who I’d choose. Well, that’s not true. I’d choose Christian Bale from like 12 years ago when he was in American Psycho. He has just the right amount of crazy, and the name! But I know that’s not a reality, and let’s be honest, I just wanted an excuse to look at pages of CB pictures…so any actual ideas?

Christian Bale Christian Grey 50 Shades Christian Bale Christian Grey Christian Bale Christian Grey 50 Shades of Grey

Sara: I don’t think there is anyone as hot as Christian Grey with enough of an edge like him. I have been thinking about it over and over again and just don’t know who would play him well. I kinda thought Jake Gyllenhaalmainly because I know what his body can look like (thank you Jarhead) all jacked up and I wouldn’t mind seeing that again. But as much as I love Christian I am not sure I want to see Jake like that. And I heard Ian Somerhalder was interested. I am torn about how I feel about that, what about you?

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Hottie Madness 2012. Round 1: The Muscles.

Ok, here we go ladies! The Muscles bracket. Round 1. If you share this on Twitter, tag your post with #hottiemadness! Be sure to click on the links for the full post and more photos. Click here to see more details and download the bracketVoting for this bracket ends Thursday March 8th. And go!

{1} Garrett Hedlund vs {2} Osi Umenyiora

Garrett Hedlund Troy Jensen Photography Osi Umenyiora

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Alex O’Hello love!

I will admit that sometimes I have a hard time drawing a line between the character an actor plays, and who they are in real life. I will also admit I have a thing for rough-and-tumble kind of guys. They type who can get you out of any situation, big or small, and look hot while doing so.

It is because of both of these things that I am not sure if I am actually swooning Alex O’Loughlin, or his Hawaii Five-O character Steve McGarrett. For the sake of this post I will go with Alex.

Alex O'Loughlin Hawaii 5-0

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