Our fab guests.

A few ladies we are lucky to have in our corner!


Stacey and Ashley date back to 2005, when they both started a new job at the same place. They worked together for less than a year, but thankfully the friendship has remained, cause she is one of the coolest chicks we know. Stacey is involved in too many things yet somehow manages to keep her head in the clouds for creative masterminding regardless of the medium. By day she is the Creative Director and co-owner of a design firm called Triple Frog. By night she is the singer of The Arrangement, a jazz band. She’s also a long distance runner, ultimate frisbee player, quilter, writer, amateur chef, and owner of a sculptural bakery. She will be bringing you posts revisiting girly obsessions of the past, as a tribute to to VH1’s Where Are They Now. Sara met Stacey through Ashley and they were last seen together getting their glitter on at a Kesha concert.


Laura and Ashley were introduced in 2011 by fellow contributor, Stacey, in the midst of the perfect storm of teenagers, glitter and trashy pop music that is a Ke$ha concert. Although only recently connected with GO, Laura and Stacey have known each other for about 7 years, thanks to their respective boyfriends, and currently work together in perfect harmony at Triple Frog, where Laura is the organized, Account Executive ying to Stacey’s erratic, creative yang. When she’s not dealing with project details and drafting nasty/nice emails to clients, Laura is a gym rat willing to try any form of fitness from yoga to crossfit. She also spends a fair amount of time reminiscing about past/daydreaming about future travels, unnecessarily house hunting, reading and being a little too obsessed with the cutest of her cat. Laura will occasionally share her musing on attractive celebrity men, addictive pop culture trends and other miscellaneous observations.


Jill and Ashley date back, well, almost their entire lives. She’s Ashley’s younger cousin, and more than that, one of her best friends. She runs a great cooking blog called Jillian’s Kitchen. She does not cook for a living, in fact she’s a project manager at an architecture firm in Baltimore, MD. But two years ago she compiled a cookbook of her family and friends favorites, and it was such a hit, that she started a blog to share her recipes. Her style is to make simple, flavorful, home-cooked meals. She also makes healthy substitutions where she can, for those watching their waistline. When Jill and Sara met for the first time, it was like they already knew each other, and instantly bonded over their love of baking, amongst other things. Jill and Sara will be bringing you weekly recaps, and I’m sure critiques, of Top Chef: Just Desserts.