SJP Shoe Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Men I may not know, but shoes — shoes I know. – Carrie Bradshaw

We all know Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, the shoe-obsessed star of Sex and the City. So it only seems natural that Sarah herself would create her own shoe line. In my opinion, ten years too late, but better late than never! (Sex and the City ended in 2004. Feel old.) Her shoe line, appropriately named SJP, is available exclusively at Nordstrom (online and select stores) starting tomorrow, February 28th. Sarah collaborated with George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik (Carrie’s brand of choice), to create 25 gorgeous, Italian-made styles with prices ranging from $195-$500. So, not cheap, but I wouldn’t expect them to be. Only the best from Carrie.

SJP Shoes by Sarah Jessica Parker. Available exclusively at Nordstrom. #sjp #shoelove #girlyobsessions

Carrie’s shoe closet was every girls fantasy, and Carrie herself was a big influence on Sarah. “I’m privileged that I played her. I was exposed to so many beautiful shoes and to how they’re made. That role really cemented my love.” She even has a style named Carrie (which might be my fave in the line), and said that it is an ode to her. “It’s a strong shoe that can be worn for day and night.”

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Splurge or Save: Black and White Striped Flats.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of stripes and I’m totally coveting these Kate Spade Tanya Flats. They are a classic ballet flat but the bold, graphic stripes give them something special. A classic silhouette that makes a statement. Since they are black and white, they’d go with anything. And since they go with anything, $238 is a bargain, right? I’ve never paid more than $150 for shoes (excluding boots), and it seems ridiculous to pay this much for flats. But the stripes. And the turquoise lining. So tempting…

Splurge or Save: Black and White Striped Flats. #katespade #payless #shoelove #girlyobsessions

But over the weekend I saw a Payless commercial featuring a pair of shoes that looked very similar to the Kate Spade’s: the Chelsea Flat. And for only $20, they are a bargain. (They are actually on sale now for $17.) Of course, they are not exactly the same. They are a made of a synthetic material while the Kate Spade’s are made of leather. The Kate Spade’s have a small wood stacked heel and the Payless version is rubber. The stripes are also a little different — the Chelsea’s are a bit thinner and the Tanya’s have more of a cap toe with a wider stripe at the front. But overall, they are both a round toe, black and white striped ballet flat.

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Keds + Kate Spade = shoe love.

I’m a little late to the game on this one, but this obsession is just too good not to share. Better late than never, right?

Last month, Keds collaborated with Kate Spade to release a limited edition collection of sneakers. In true Kate Spade fashion, they are colorful and feminine, charming and fun. The Kick style is available in a springy blue gingham with orange accents and a classic black polka dot with pink accents. And the feminine Pointer style comes in a navy stripe and a solid neon pink. Who doesn’t need pointy neon pink sneakers?? Especially when they are lined with polka dots! It’s like everything good combined into one perfect little shoe.

Kate Spate Keds polka dots gingham stripes

So here’s where you’ll hate me. They are sold out on the Keds site. UDPATE: Kate Spade and Nordstrom have them in stock! They are also on order at Piperlime and Bloomingdales. The backorder status makes me hopeful that other stores will be getting more in stock or releasing new styles. (The preview last fall featured eight styles, so I hope we’ll see them soon!)

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Obsession Collection: Corky Shoes.

I just realized that it’s been months since I’ve done an Obsession Collection! Unless you count the holiday gift guides which I guess could be seen as one huge collection! Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I am SICK of all my winter clothes. And as much as I love my boots, I’m ready to trade them in for some lighter, spring-like options. Even though cork shoes have been around forever, it seems like the natural material is making a bit of a comeback in the form of some very cute shoes. (I NEED #11.) See, I knew there was more to this stuff than just using it as a wine topper!

Oh and be sure to check out our past Obsession Collections.

Obsession Collection: Corky Shoes

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Boot Obsessions: elemental. (Bonus Girly Giveaway: a $50 Zappos gift card!)

It’s November, which means its time for your boots to face the elements, whether it’s cold temperatures and snow, or a bitchy hurricane named Sandy. What’s funny is that during my four years at Syracuse, I refused to buy practical shoes. I hiked to class in feet of show wearing pumps. Not sure what I was thinking, because now I don’t think I could live without my cozy Uggs or my super bright rain boots. And this collection of cute and cozy (but practical) boots will take you through fall and into the winter!

And in honor of the four boot collections, I am giving away a $50 Zappos gift card to put toward the boots of your choice! Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, or click here. A winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

boot obsessions winter snow wells rain boots Ugg Hunter

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Boot Obsessions: riding.

Today is the first day I finally dragged my boots out of hibernation and onto my feet! I guess most of the boots I own would be considered riding boots. I just love the classic shape, and they are usually a good investment since they are a timeless style. This is a collection of some of my faves. I wish my closet (and budget) was big enough to own all of them! Stay tuned for one more boot collection and a giveaway, and check out the past two collections!

Boots riding Frye Steve Madden Ralph Lauren

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Boot Obsessions: utilitarian.

The boot obsession continues! Muted leathers, rugged lace and buckle details, and modern silhouettes combine to create these feminine, utilitarian boots. I think I love this trend because it brings me back to the early 90’s and my collection of Doc Martens and flannel! (Although I would still totally rock a pair of pink Dr. Martens!) Stay tuned for two more boot collections and a giveaway, and check out last weeks collection of ankle boots!

fall boots utilitarian laces combat Dr. Martens Steve Madden Frye

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Boot Obsessions: ankle boots.

There are two things I love about fall: Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and BOOTS. In fact, boots are probably one of my all-time greatest obsessions, although I guess you could say that about a lot of things. I don’t thinks that boots got enough attention on the blog last year, so this year I’m going overboard. I’m breaking down some of my fave boots of the season by category, starting with ankle boots and booties. (Stay tuned for a giveaway at the end!) There are so many cute options so it was really hard to choose, but here are some of the styles that I’d love to add to my wardrobe!

Boot Obsessions: Ankle Boots | GirlyObsessions

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Obsession collection: wedge sandals.

I love sandals. I love wedges. So sandals + wedges = total feet happiness. I also love the mix of natural materials, like a chunky wood or cork heel paired with colorful leather or polka dot canvas. They’re super versatile and can be dressed up or down. And I love that after spending all day in a good pair of wedges, my feet are not in pain!

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Girly Obsessions Obsession Collection wedge sandals heels

1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Palm Desert $150
2. ALDO Crosier $80
3. Via Spiga Evelina $158
4. Steve Madden Tampaa $90
5. GUESS Asila 2 $90
6. Jessica Simpson Mack $89
7. Juicy Couture Kati $149
8. Splended Lustful $109
9. Steve Madden Whatif $90

{ Click links for more info or to purchase. Photos courtesy of respective retailers. }

A summer staple: candy-colored Havaianas.

Is anyone else obsessed with Havaianas?

I was never a huge fan of rubber flip-flops because the straps always gave me blisters. But I’ve owned several pairs of Havaianas over the last few years and my feet are blister-free! (And super happy to be spending time in the comfortable, colorful sandals!) They’ve become a summer staple, and I always look forward to seeing the new styles, colors and graphics. So of course I couldn’t walk past the happy display in my local Lord & Taylor without stopping. Plus I lost my fave pair last summer and they needed the be replaced!

Havaianas Slim Cool
Havaianas Lord & Taylor display Havaianas Lord & Taylor display

It’s so hard to choose just one pair when there are so many cute options, but I showed some restraint and settled on the Slim Cool. I couldn’t resist the neon orange straps and the bright graphic lips! My feet can’t wait to wear them! Oh, and you can make your own custom pair! Love that!

Havaianas Slim Graphic Havaianas Slim Logo Pop-UP Havaianas Slim  Havaianas Slim Lace Havaianas Hereos
Havaianas Slim Havaianas Slim Allegra Havaianas Slim Naja Havaianas Slim Cool Havaianas Slim Geometric

{ Photos courtesy of Havaianas and InstaGirly }

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