It’s a Fashion Bash: a few faves from the Nordies Anniversary Sale!

It’s that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on and you can save on all the fab new items for Fall, now through August 4th. (I know, who wants to think about Fall yet? Although with this heat we’re having in the Northeast, I’m ready for some cooler temps!) I’ve pulled some of a lot of my fave clothes, shoes and accessories, most of which I’m trying to avoid putting in my shopping cart, and categorized them by the trends I’m noticing. What are some of your favorite items trends you’re seeing for next season? 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2013: Feminine Tops. #girlyobsessions #nordies

1. Feminine Tops
Flowing silhouettes, luxe fabrics and girly details add a feminine touch on top.

SHOP THE LOOK: 1. Only Mine Cashmere Blend Sweater, $69.80  2. Vince Colorblock Sweater, $194.90 3. Hinge Jacquard Dot Top, $49.90 4. Hinge Pointelle Sweater, $44.90

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MAXImum Obsession.

An item in my closet that I am obsessed with and wish I could wear every single day is the maxi dress. Flowy, comfortable, stylish – what’s not to love? They are flattering for all shapes and sizes; it’s definitely a wardrobe staple. I love that you can wear them casually or pair them with some jewelry and heels for a night out. They are available in a variety of different styles from stripes to ruffles to a hi/low hem. They even make maxi skirts. What are your thoughts about maxi dresses?  Do you love them as much as I do?

Here are some that I am eyeing up to add to my collection:

MAXImum Obsession! #girlyobsessions

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Chambray obsessed!

I can’t tell you the last time I bought something denim that wasn’t a pair of jeans. I don’t even own a jean jacket. Maybe that’s because I keep having flashbacks to the jean jacket with embroidered Disney characters I had as a kid. I think it scarred me. (Sorry Mom, I know I was into it at the time.) But I’m totally loving the chambray trend that’s happening now – a soft, modern twist on a classic material. From boyfriend-fit tops to polished jackets, there are so many cute options that can easily be dressed up or down. And I’m loving all the polka dot accents! Here are some of my faves:

Obsessed with these chambray tanks and jackets

1. J.Crew Chambray Schoolboy Blazer $168 // 2. Rubbish Sleeveless Workwear Shirt $44 // 3. MARC by Marc Jacobs ‘Dotty’ Shirt $228 // 4. Fire Chambray Bustier Babydoll Tank $38 // 5. Gap Chambray Academy Blazer $90

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Red carpet obsessions: Academy Awards 2013.

Happy red-carpet-recap Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I had a much-needed couch-a-thon that started at 8am Saturday and ended with the Academy Awards. Who else watched? Thoughts? What’s the verdict on Seth McFarlane as a host? I thought he was ok, although I think I laughed at more of his jokes than the audience did. Awkward. But there are a lot of other highlights to be discussed, including some fabulous fashion moments. (Although in general I was bit underwhelmed with the fashions this year. Why is no one wearing color??)

What was your fave moment of the night? And your pick for best dressed?

Academy Awards 2013 red carpet Charlize Theron Anne Hathaway Jessica Chastain Amy Adams Jennifer Lawrence
1. Pointy Pixies & Best-Dressed Beauties
Charlize and Anne both rocked statuesque dresses with adorable pixie haircuts and pointy things happening in the boob area. I don’t know why Anne has so many haters. I love her, and her perfectly placed seams nipples. I’m glad they have their own Twitter account and hashtag: #LesNipplerables. Jessica is glowing in her Armani gown, the custom copper color compliments her hair perfectly. She said this dress “is a very ‘Happy birthday, Mr. President’ kind of dress.” Serious va-va-voom! She is one of my top three of the night, along with Amy and Jennifer, who both looked gorgeous in their voluminous gowns. Jennifer had a lot of quotable moments, but my fave was when a reporter asked her about tripping on her dress, she replied with “What do you mean what happened? Look at my dress. I tried to walk up stairs in this dress. That’s what happened.” I love her. And I love that Hugh Jackman came to her rescue. A real life Prince Charming!

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Discover, shop and be happy: Glance by Zappos.

Have you heard about Glance? Just launched yesterday, it’s a new way to shop all of your favorite items from Zappos. It’s curated, social shopping. It’s simple and friendly. It’s trending. It’s Pinterest meets e-commerce. And I love it!

Zappos is one of my favorite online retailers. Not only do they have a huge selection, they also have the best costumer service. Which is worth a lot. It’s worth my business! I could probably shop elsewhere and get a better price (unless an item is on sale, they don’t offer discounts) but the friendly service, the overnight shipping and the 365-day return policy is what keeps me coming back.

Glance shopping Zappos

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Glam up your phone with Case-Mate.

Happy Monday everyone! As you know, being from Baltimore, I am a huge Ravens fan so I am THRILLED they won last night! I surrendered my nails to the anxiety of the game, but it was well worth it! Anyone else happy they won?

Moving on…For those of you with a smart phone, you know that finding the perfect case can be an annoying task. For me, I want something that protects my investment phone, but isn’t too bulky or heavy, and of course, is girly and cute. When I had my iPhone 4, I went through cases like they were going out of style. Well, I guess they were, since phone case trends seem to change like fashion trends. The last case I had was a Case-Mate Barely There case in neon pink, which I adored. But when I upgraded to the iPhone 5, there were hardly any cases available, including the neon pink case, so I opted for the Case-Mate Glam in Champagne. And I LOVE it. It’s sparkly and fun and totally girly! It’s a little bulky, but like with shoes, I’ll sacrifice a bit of comfort for style!

Obsessed with: Case-Mate Refined Collection iphone

Since I bought that case a few months ago, Case-Mate has completely revamped their line, offering 4 new collections of well-designed, well-made, high-end cases – perfect ready to wear accessories to dress up your phone. Some are only available for the iPhone 5, but others are available for the iPhone 4, the Samsung Galaxy S and the Blackberry z10. The collections are REFINED, a mix of metals and sparkles for a modern design and refined beauty; CRAFTED, which uses sophisticated materials like wood and pearl for a timeless style;SIGNATURE, which uses genuine leather for a classic and sophisticated style; and PRINTS, a collection of bright and whimsical cases from well-known illustrators and designers.

These are some of my faves from each collection. Do you have a smart phone? If so, how do you like to accessorize it?

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Red carpet obsessions: Golden Globes 2013.

Hey everyone, I’m back!! Sorry that my holiday hiatus turned out to be three weeks instead of one. I’ve been absolutely swamped, but I’ve been away far too long and I’ve been having major blogging withdraw! So what better way to start 2013 than with a red carpet fashion recap! I haven’t watched the entire show yet due to DVR conflicts with Downton Abbey and Girls, but I do know who wore what and who’s won what.

Overall I think it was a great night, especially for the ladies. Tina and Amy were so much fun as co-hotsts! Love them! Some other highlights: A Maggie Smith win (although would have been better if she was there to accept)! Homeland. Damian Lewis. When Claire Danes told Ryan Seacrest: “I’m hoping I don’t leak anytime soon.” Jessica Chastain. Eddie Redmayne, just cause he’s hot. Jennifer Lawrence. Anne HathawayHugh Jackman winning for a role he was born to play. Jodie Foster’s emotional and memorable speech. Random Bill Clinton appearance. The Ben AffleckArgo upset and when he told Jennifer Garner: “you’re my everything.” And as much as I love my nerds, I’m glad my Girls won. Twice.

And here are some of my fave red carpet trends. Who’s your pick for best dressed?

Best of Golden Globes 2013: Girls on Fire Jennifer Lawrence Jessica Alba Claire Danes Zooey Deschanel
1. The Girls on Fire
Katniss Everdeen must have made an impression on these ladies. Even though color options were limited this year, there was a fiery gradient of orange and red hues, from Jessica and Jennifer’s Tangerine Tango tributes to Jennifer and Naomi’s figure-flattering crimson gowns. I also loved the hemline of Marion’s dress and the neckline of Zooey’s. And motherhood clearly agrees with Claire, she was absolutely radiant!

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Girly Gift Guide: Jewelry.

Just like shoes, a girl can never have too much jewelry. Right? This was probably the hardest collection in the Holiday 2012 Girly Gift Guide to put together! How do you choose between all the super cute styles, between classic and trendy, between all the metals and gemstones? I mean, it’s almost impossible. So I just gathered some of my faves of the season to bling it out! You can see the full guide below the collection, or by clicking hereHappy girly gifting!

Girly Gift Guide: Jewelry. necklace earrings Tiffany Dogeared
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Obsessed with Bootights.

Have you guys heard of Bootights? They have been around for a few years, so I don’t know why I haven’t heard of them until now! This is a product I wonder why I didn’t invent myself! I love boots. I love tights. And I hate wearing socks over my tights. But I don’t want to snag my tights, and I like a little extra padding and support. Plus the layers help keep my feet toasty in the winter. But most of the time the whole thing just becomes too thick and uncomfortable. Plus if you’re ever in a situation where you need to take off your boots, who knows what kind of tights/socks combo you’ll have going on (see below). Basically, Bootights are GENIUS. And such a simple concept. They combine trendy tights with comfy socks, and you know they must be good if they were one of Oprah’s fashion must-haves for 2011!

Obsessed with Bootights! tights socks boots

So obviously, I had to order myself a pair (Draper Herringbone), and I was really pleased with the quality. The tights are fairly thick and seem like they won’t snag easily, the sock is padded and comfortable with built-in support, and the seam where they connect also seems indestructible. And after wearing them all day, they are super comfortable, and the control-top waistband helped keep everything in check. I’m happy if a pair of tights lasts one season, but Bootights seem like they are built to last for several, so overall, they are totally worth the $34. And with about 15 different styles, from a classic semi-opaque to a cable knit, and with different sock heights, there is definitely something for everyone!

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Charmed by Dogeared.

Charm jewelry is super trendy right now, and it seems the leader of this trend is Dogeared! I’m sure you’ve seen their jewelry – it’s sold everywhere! You know, the cute little charm necklaces that come on the cards printed with inspirational messaging. (I own the one pictured below.) What I love about their necklaces is that you can buy a few to layer at different lengths. Or, thanks to their CREATE line, you can custom design your own multi-charm necklace to tell your story. BTW, how cute is the CREATE tagline, Hangs Well With Others?!

Girly Motto: A Little Edge Can Add Big Drama. Courtesy of Dogeared! jewelry charms

The CREATE tool so simple and so fun to play around with! First you choose your chain (they have options in silver, gold and leather). Then you add your charms. They have a huge selection, from the alphabet and zodiac to gemstones and words to live by. And everything in between. Then you can purchase your necklace or share on your social networks. Or not so subtly drop a hint to a friend or loved one…the holidays are coming up! They box up each piece separately so you can mix and match or go crazy and wear them all at once! Here is the story I’ve created:

Create by Dogeared Jewelry. charms necklace

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