The Lou & Grey Store.

Living in the ‘burbs of New York City certainly has its perks. Great restaurants. Water views. Nice beaches. And excellent shopping. I didn’t know much about Connecticut before moving here after college. And the only thing I knew about Westport, CT, was that it was the “country” town where Lucy and Ricky settled after moving out of the city. But the town of Westport is actually a little shopping mecca. It is home to one of only two Terrain stores in the country. Which is great for inspiration, and not so great on the wallet. A South Moon Under just moved in – a beloved retailer from my home state of Maryland. And Westport was the first town to get a Loft Lou & Grey concept store. A store that looks like it belongs in somewhere a little more hip, like Brooklyn, has landed on Main St. 

Lou & Grey Store, Westport, CT: The Ampersand. #theampersand #louandgrey #girlyobsessions

A few months ago I wrote a post about Loft’s new line, Lou & Grey, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the store pop-up almost overnight, in what used to be the petite section at my local Loft. And was thrilled to find out it was the first of its kind. I was in love with the store design. It’s clean, modern and airy. A whitewashed room with textural elements like copper, zinc, wood, marble and rope for added dimension. The simple design of the space allows the clothes to be the star. And there are really fun, subtle touches that enhance the design. Like custom designed maps of Westport, gorgeous photography and vintage records lining the floors. And if all that wasn’t enough, I was giddy over the fact that they are all about the ampersand. (I’m beyond obsessed with typography, particularly ampersands.) They are even using it for their hashtag: #theamerpersand.

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