Hump Day Hottie: Matt Damon.

It’s been far too long since Matt Damon has graced this blog with his presence. Like two years too long. So with his new movie, The Monuments Men, coming out this weekend, I think it’s time we get another look at that handsome, smiling face of his. Is anyone looking forward to seeing The Monuments Men? I know I am! It’s based on the true story of a World War II platoon who were tasked by FDR to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves. I love that it’s a war movie about art. Totally into that! And it stars another fave hottie, George Clooney, who actually shared a post with Matt a few years ago.

Hump Day Hottie: Matt Damon. #mattdamon #humpdayhottie #eyecandy #girlyobsessions

Since I’ve already listed many of the reasons I adore Matt in my last post, all of which are still true, I’ll just add a few more things. And one fun fact.

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Hump Day Hottie: Jared Leto.

I’ve mentioned this before, but 1994 was a pivotal year in my life. It was the year of Dookie, Reality Bites and My So-Called Life. And it was the year of forming lifelong hottie-obsessions, like Billie Joe, Christian, Leo, and of course, one Jordan Catalano. It didn’t matter that he was basically illiterate. He could sing Ramones covers and was the hottest leaner on TV.

Fast-forward 20 years (TWENTY YEARS!!!), and I’m still obsessed with all of these guys. And maybe it’s because I’m also 20 years older, but they all still look the same to me. However, no one has drunk chugged more from the fountain of youth than Jared Leto. He is just agelessly and exceptionally hot. And it would make sense that Jared would get nominated for an Oscar for playing a transgender character. I mean, he has to be the prettiest man in Hollywood. Right? It doesn’t matter if he has long hair or short, is bearded or clean-shaven, is skinny or ripped. His quirky, rock god status allows him to get away with guyliner and ombré hair, all of which just enhances his beauty. I know it might be emasculating to call a man beautiful, but he is. He’s just…pretty. Damn. Hot. With those soul-piercing blue eyes and that perfect smile. And according to this one interviewer (which I believe is the general perception of Jared), he is incredibly charming and is a “phenomenally gifted flirt.”

Hump Day Hottie: Jared Leto. #humpdayhottie #eyecandy #girlyobsessions #jaredleto

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Hump Day Hottie: Josh Holloway.

Can we just talk about the hotness that is Josh Holloway? As a devout Lost fan, I was really missing my weekly dose of Sawyer. So I’m thrilled that Josh has come back into my living room in his new series, Intelligence, as a more clean-cut, James-Bond-ish version of himself. Although, I have yet to actually watch the show since I’m still playing catch up on fall TV! But from what I’ve heard, it’s really good, so I’m excited for him. And for me. Seriously, Monday nights never looked so good! The man just oozes sex. That raspy voice. The laid back attitude. The messy hair. The perfect teeth and the dimples. Oh, and of course, THE BOD! There were some rumors swirling of Josh playing Aquaman in the Man of Steel sequel. Totally on board with that! No man looks hotter when wet. (As evident in the photos below.)

Hump Day Hottie: Josh Holloway. #humpdayhottie #eyecandy #hottie #joshholloway #lost #intelligence

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Gratuitous Colin Firth.

I recently went on a totally random Colin Firth/Pride & Prejudice binge. It started with catching both Bridget Jones movies back to back on TV. Once the Colin Firth (and Hugh Grant) spark was ignited, I moved on to Love Actually. Then I rummaged through my DVD’s to find the 1995 BBC version of Pride & Prejudice, which then led to watching the 2005 version. (He’s no Colin Firth, but I do kind of love Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy). Then I went back and read the book, which I haven’t done in years, and kind of made me want to start the binge all over again. The binge also left me wondering why I’ve never done a hottie post about Colin Firth. So here it is…

Hump Day Hottie: Colin Firth. #humpdayhottie #colinfirth #eyecandy #girlyobsessions

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Hump Day Hottie: Rupert Friend.

I interrupt the gift-posting-frenzy to bring you a hottie. A long overdue hottie. Rupert Friend. You may recognize him as black ops agent Peter Quinn from Homeland. Or you may recognize him from his period dramas, like Pride & Prejudice and The Young Victoria. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice, but I didn’t realize until just last week that it was Rupert who played Mr. Wickham!! You would have thought those cheekbones would have stuck with me. Well, they did, but I just never knew they were the same person. I also never realized that Quinn is a Brit in real life. Where the hell have I been? (Sidenote: Rupert actually dated P&P co-star Keira Knightly for like five years.)

Homeland fans, how obsessed are you with Peter Quinn this season? He has turned a corner, going from guest star to series regular, and from a not-so-liked (or maybe just misunderstood?) character to one that I adore. Like I’m not even mad at him that he shot Carrie. And for fans of Rupert’s, do you prefer him as the romantic Mr. Wickham or the edgy and mysterious Peter Quinn? Or maybe you prefer him as a young Johnny Depp look-alike? (Check out the photo in the bottom right.) Actually, seeing what Rupert has done with the character of Peter, I think he would have worked as Mr. Darcy. Although no one will ever compare to Colin Firth…

Hump Day Hottie: Rupert Friend. #rupertfriend #humpdayhottie #hottie #eyecandy #homeland #girlyobsessions

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Hunger Games Hotties: Part 2.

I’ve been busy working on this years Girly Gift Guide, and therefore slacking on posts, but I can’t let this week go by with a tribute to the hotties of The Hunger Games. Although it was a tough choice between Hunger Games or People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Adam Levine. But I’m just too excited about the premiere of Catching Fire, so Adam, and the rest of the sexy men on the list, will have to wait. Are you guys as excited as I am? It seems like just yesterday that I was recapping the hotties in the first movie, and I remember feeling like it was an eternity until Catching Fire came out. But now it’s here and this weekend can’t come soon enough! The movie is getting great reviews, which as a fan of the books, makes me even more excited. But let’s take a look at the main reason you’ll want to see this movie: all the hotness. (I apologize in advance if I left out your fave. I can only do so much.)

Hunger Games Hotties: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. #hungergames #catchingfire #jenniferlawrence #hottie #humpdayhottie #eyecandy #katniss #girlyobsessions

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
What can I say about JLaw that hasn’t already been been said? I love her. Everyone loves her. Yes, she’s gorgeous. But she’s also real. And brutally honest. And her lack of filter is what I love most about her. She is a sound-byte machine. I literally want to share every single thing she has ever said, but that would be the longest post ever, so I’ll just share a few recent faves. (You can check out more quotes here and here and here and here and here…) On her Catching Fire wetsuit: “I was surprised at how little camel toe problem there was.” On praise for her new haircut: “I’m like a cat back from the groomer’s, where I’m so insecure. I need as much positive reinforcement as I can get.” On her acting style: “No, I’m not method at all. As soon as they call ‘cut,’ I’m thinking about food and moving on.” On pressure to be thin: “If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet,’ I’m like, ‘You can go fuck yourself.’ ” On what she’d do with more free time: “I would spend more time on the couch, less time showering. If I don’t have anything to do all day, I might not put my pants on.” On young girls struggling with body image: “Screw those people. If you don’t look like an airbrushed model …you have to look past it. You look how you look. What are you going to do, be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.” See, I could go on forever.

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Hump Day Hottie: Max Irons.

I know I’m totally late to the game on this one, but did you guys see The White Queen? Originally broadcast on BBC One, it premiered in the US back in August on Starz. I finally got around to watching the first episode, which you can watch online for free, and I loved it! Starz is airing an encore of the miniseries starting tonight, so my DVR is set. It’s based on Philippa Gregory’s novels about the Wars of the Roses (she also wrote The Other Boleyn Girl), and is a bit Downton Abbey meets Game of Thrones meets The Tudors. All good things. And it stars one very handsome Max Irons as King Edward IV. And lucky for us, as Max said, “the Starz cut contains breasts and buttocks. The BBC cut doesn’t.” Thank you, Starz.

You may also recognize Max from Red Riding Hood and The Host. Even though I couldn’t get through that book, I still wanted to see the movie. Mainly because of Max’s appeal. And now that the obsession is in full swing, I think I’ll be adding both to the Netflix queue!

Hump Day Hottie: Max Irons. #maxirons #humpdayhottie #eyecandy #girlyobsessions #thewhitequeen

Max, born Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons, is the son of actors Jeremy Irons and Sinéad Cusack. Well done, Jeremy! Some of these Hollywood legends are producing some really attractive children. (Like Scott Eastwood, who definitely needs his own hottie post.) And even though he has a famous lineage, he’s had to support himself. His parents cut him off financially at 18. A bit of tough love, but he’s made his own way, which I totally admire.

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Bloody Sexy: Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

I was introduced to Jonathan Rhys Meyers in 1998 when I saw Velvet Goldmine. A movie I only watched because of Christian Bale, so while I know JRM was there too, I only had eyes for Christian. But Jonathan definitely caught my attention in 2002 in Bend It Like Beckham, a movie that I adored. Therefore, I adored JRM. He was just so young and cute and smiley! The obsession continued into 2005 when he was in Match Point, a movie that also introduced me to hotness that is Matthew Goode. JRM fell off my radar for a while after that, until he starred as Henry VIII in The Tudors, which I was hugely obsessed with (and also spawned the Henry Cavill obsession). And Jonathan was so hot in that show, well, up until the final seasons when he became obese and had that gross leg infection…

But since The Tudors ended, I kind of forgot about Jonathan. The most newsworthy things about him seemed to be surrounding potential plastic surgeries, drunken arrests and stints in rehab. But I knew that underneath the bad boy exterior was… a bit of a bad boy. Isn’t that the charm of Irish men? (I’m looking at you, Colin Farrell.) That slightly dangerous edge that commands our attention and draws us in? Knowing how obsessed I am with Christian Bale, that intense, slightly psychotic edge does not scare me away! Because beyond a bit of bad press is still that hot guy with those piercing, almost translucent blue eyes and sensual lips. I think Woody Allen described him perfectly, saying he’s “naturally magnetic and sweet and tortured and sympathetic.”

Bloody Sexy: Jonathan Rhys Meyers. #hottie #eyecandy #jonathanrhysmeyers #dracula #girlyobsessions

One thing I noticed when doing this photo search was that there are almost no photos of JRM smiling. Which is a shame, because he has a great smile. But I think that seriousness just adds to his intensity, and is probably why he is the perfect casting choice for Dracula. Jonathan is taking on the iconic figure in the new Dracula series on NBC , a sophisticated and sexy take on Bram Stoker’s classic novel. (The series premiere is Friday at 10pm. Stay tuned for that post.)

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More Fifty Shades Hotties (and a poll).

So just as we were all getting used to the idea of Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey, he goes and drops out of the movie. Damn. I was totally on board with this casting choice. But thanks to his scheduling conflict, or cold feet, we now get to drool over a new crop of potential candidates. The same few names are popping up in all the news articles – four of whom seem to be on the studio shortlist, three who are fan (and maybe studio) choices, and one super long shot fan fave. So let’s dive right in!

(Oh, and be sure to choose your fave in the poll at the bottom. Not that it will have any effect whatsoever in who gets chosen…)


*Post updated on 10/17 to throw the newest rumor into the mix: Francois Arnaud.


50 Shades Hotties: Jamie Dornan. Is Jamie your pick to play the elusive Chrisitan Grey? Cast your vote on the blog! #girlyobsessions #eyecandy #christiangrey #jamiedornan #hottie #50shades

Name: Jamie Dornan
Age: 31
Where you recognize him from: Marie Antoinette, Once Upon a Time, CK undie ads, former Keira Knightly arm candy
Why he works: Apparently Jamie is the front-runner to snag the role of Christian, and I think the reason is obvious. He’s smokin’ hot. With a seriously hot bod. So hot that the New York Times dubbed him “The Golden Torso.” A male model turned actor, he looks good in just about anything. (Or just about nothing). He kind of looks a bit Henry-Cavill-esque, don’t you think?

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Hello, Romeo. (And Tybalt.)

I’m a sucker for anything Romeo & Juliet. It’s probably my all time favorite love story. An obsession that started in middle school when we had to watch the classic 1968 movie. The obsession continued into high school when I did a huge project on the history of Romeo & Juliet. Luckily, the Baz Luhrmann movie had just come out on VHS, so I was able to show clips from the movie during my presentation. And yes, I said VHS. It was 1996. 17 years ago. Feel old.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to see the new version of Romeo & Juliet coming out this weekend. This movie was written by Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey, and he brings the story back to its roots in Verona. So while I’m excited about that, I don’t know if I could love it more than the Baz Luhrmann version. I was just so obsessed with everything about that movie. The old dialogue. The modern setting. The soundtrack. And obviously Leo. And Claire. And Baz. But it’s time for a new generation to be introduced to the classic tale of star-crossed lovers. With a new leading man. And who is our new Romeo? His name is Douglas Booth, and he looks like this:

Hello, Romeo: Douglas Booth. #humpdayhottie #eyecandy #romeo #girlyobsessions

Douglas is probably best known for his Burberry ads with Emma Watson, and now he’s bringing his modelesque good looks to the big screen in his breakout role as Romeo. And if the result is anything like it was for Leo in ’96, we’ll have a new teenage heartthrob on our hands. A gorgeous leading man with pouty lips. But like Leo, his aspirations go beyond being a pretty boy. He told Flaunt magazine that he admires Leo’s career and is ready for the comparisons. He said “There was a time when all people would talk about were his looks and that he was a heartthrob and this and that, but actually, by making clever choices and delivering great performances, working hard, being in amazing films, and keeping himself out of that world, he doesn’t need it. I think that’s the way to do it. I didn’t take the part deliberately to follow in his footsteps. I think it’s just a coincidence, but just to be mentioned in the same sentence as him is a compliment, I suppose.”

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