More Jon Hamm.

Continuing the “More Jon” series, it’s been a while since Jon Hamm’s face has graced the blog, and you can never have too much Jon Hamm appreciation, right? I’m still a season behind on Mad Men (there is really no excuse for this), so I’ve been missing my weekly dose of Jon. But thanks to what seems like months of previews for Million Dollar Arm, which is in theaters Friday, he’s lighting up my living room with his insane hotness and all that Hammy charm.

Hump Day Hottie: Jon Hamm. #jonhamm #eyecandy #humpdayhottie #girlyobsessions

And part of that hotness is not realizing just how hot he is. He told People he doesn’t take it too seriously: “It’s silly. First of all, it’s completely arbitrary. Point me to 50 people online who think I’m super sexy, I’ll point you to 50 more who say, ‘He’s old and looks like my dad.’ It’s not universal. If you buy into that, you’re crazy.” Umm, ok, Jon. Then we’re ALL crazy.

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