Rose Simple Syrup.

I finally got around to purchasing the Ladurée Sucré (The Sweet Recipes) cookbook a few weeks ago. I’ve wanted it for I don’t know how long, and now that I have it, I want to bake everything in it. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Like, I’m feeling my own Julie & Julia moment about to happen. Of course, I didn’t have half of the ingredients I needed for the first recipe I chose to bake, which included a lot of rose-flavored things, so I have yet to actually try anything from this book. I did, however, take the first step by making my own rose simple syrup, which is a staple in many of the recipes. (Along with rose essential oil which is unexpectedly expensive, but decidedly more expensive to try to make than purchase.)

Rose Simple Syrup Recipe. #rose #syrup #recipe #baking #girlyobsessions

This rose simple syrup is so incredibly, well, simple, that I thought I’d share the recipe. Especially since it can have a lot of other uses, like a sweetener for tea. It would be fabulous served over vanilla ice cream. Or, even more fabulous, splashed in a glass of prosecco! And I bought these insanely photogenic roses that were just too pretty not to share. With the frigid winter we’ve been having in the Northeast, it’s nice to see, and taste, something that reminds me of Spring.

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