Fearless Fashion: Part 2.

A little background we posted in Part 1: We were thrilled when we were invited to be a part of the Fearless Fashion campaign sponsored by Cosmopolitan and Palladium. (Bonus: You can enter to win Palladium jewelry valued at $1500!) You know we LOVE shoes and jewelry, and Cosmo is like our Bible, so of course we wanted to participate! The challenge was to style a fabulous and fearless outfit around shoes from Crocs and Two Lips. We had no idea they’d actually send them to us, which was a great surprise! So we both put together outfits (well, digital outfits) inspired by two very different pairs of shoes.

Fearless Fashion Two Lips Inspiration | Girly Obsessions

My outfits usually revolve around a pair of shoes, and I was beyond excited to make one around these Two Lips heels! My inspiration is work, I like to keep my clothes simple and classic and the colors in these heels make the perfect pop of color. Add in some cute earrings and a fun cocktail ring (who says they just have to be for nights out?!) and this outfit is meeting ready.

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Berry your nails: Jamberry nail wraps!

Sara: So I was on Facebook the other day and this pic of crazy cool nails caught my eye. When I clicked on it the girl who posted it mentioned these Jamberry Nails. This was a new brand to me so I did some googling and instantly became obsessed! The brand is set up like an Avon, and there are individual consultants who sell the nail wraps. They come in so many cool patterns, designs and colors…I have about 10 picked out so far!

Jamberry nails nail wraps nail polish nail art

Ashley: I had never heard of Jamberry until you sent me the link…and then I wondered how or why I never heard of them! And then I had the problem of liking EVERY SINGLE DESIGN. Stripes and chevron and houndstooth…how am I supposed to choose? Totally pattern happy right now! You know I’m obsessed with nail art, and I know you are too, but I’ve never actually tried any stick-on nail wraps, have you? Do you think they work?

Jamberry nails nail wraps nail polish nail art purple yellow argyle Jamberry nails nail wraps nail polish nail art purple giraffe Jamberry nails nail wraps nail polish nail art polka dot CMYG Jamberry nails nail wraps nail polish nail art purple green black chevron Jamberry nails nail wraps nail polish nail art missing polka dot

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From Fresh Prince to Legend: Will Smith.

I still hear the theme song to Fresh Prince every time I hear the name Will Smith. (Or Big Willie as I like to call him.) I think I like BW so much because he seems completely genuine. All the stories I hear about him, how he carries himself, and how he makes his family a priority. (He flew back to LA every weekend while filming MIB3 to watch his son, Trey’s, football games!!)

Will Smith hot sexy Will Smith hot sexy arms muscles tank top
Will Smith hot sexy hat Will Smith hot sexy black and white IMDB Will Smith hot sexy smile suit

There is something very charming and charismatic about him, and that shines through in all his movie roles! I am not a sci-fi fan at all (aliens are def not the new vamps!), but if BW is in it, I will see it in the theater. I just adore him! His big grin with those big ol’ goofy ears! How can you not be drawn in?

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Obsession collection: sunglasses.

As summer quickly approaches it always gets me thinking about sunglasses. I wear mine all through the winter, and I actually think I have become dependent on them! There are so many fun styles and colors out there, and these days you can pick up fun and fairly cheap pairs at stores like H&M and Forever 21. And sunglasses and lip gloss are the perfect Sunday throw-on for brunch or lunch out when you just don’t feel like getting all dolled up. Below are some of the fun and stylish pairs you can check out that will keep you shaded and glamorous all summer long!! What pair is your fave?

Oh, and be sure to check out our past Obsession Collections!

Obsession Collection Sunglasses

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 299/S $98
2. Kate Spade Angelique $128
3. Prada OPR 27NS $290
4. Gucci Sunglasses $278
5. Jimmy Choo Severine $365 
6. Elizabeth and James Fairfax $185
7. Kate Spade Shawna $128
8. Alexander McQueen AMQ4147/S $325
9. Carrera 22/S $130
10. Ray Ban Classic Wayfarer 50mm $150

{ Click links for more info or to purchase. Photos courtesy of respective retailers. }

Girl crushing on: Charlize Theron.

I remember most of my crushes well: when I fell, what I was doing, and all those important details! And I remember clearly in 1999, sitting with my high school best friend in her living room, watching The Cider House Rules. It was then and there that I started to adore Charlize! She was gorgeous and elegant, and easily my fave character in the movie.

I have watched her over the years and she only seems to get better with age. She is so cool and laid back in her interviews and seems like so much fun. I know that when I become a rich movie star that her and I and Chelsea Handler will totally be hanging out! She was born in South Africa, hangs out with her Mom for fun, and was discovered when she made a scene at the bank over a check they wouldn’t cash! (The girl screams a good time!)

Charlize Theron W Magazine
Charlize Theron Snow White and the Huntsman People Magazine Charlize Theron W Magazine Charlize Theron Dior

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Ode to Smash.

Today’s post is a VERY special one, today is Smash’s birthday. So to celebrate her and my love for her I thought I would share a few more of the things that I love about her, and that make her not only an amazing friend but person.

Crumbs cupcakes Hershey Kisses Martini
Kate Spade Ring birthday card

1. When you are brutally sick with pneumonia and can’t even crawl out of bed she will bring you that McDonald’s milk shake you are craving in the middle of the day. She won’t hug you to make you feel better, but she will put it at the front door and back away slowly.

2. When you tell her there is this one word she uses and you just don’t like it, she will make an effort to never use it in front of you again. And you will know she is making an effort because she will tell you every time she didn’t use the word by saying “I was going to say XXXX but didn’t that time.”

3. She will promise to make you go to the gym after work, and then totally meet you for wings and wine when you decide that working out is just not going to happen.

4. Smash will totally play along with the life you have created with that cute boy at the gym so you don’t feel like a total loon. And she will even keep a look out for you while you are out of town to make sure no one infringes on your turf.

5. While everyone tells you that the 32 lip glosses you carry around in your purse is completely ridic…she will sort through with you and help point out the differences in them and thus the reason why you must have them ALL!

6. When you really need to discuss the show that was on last night that she didn’t get a chance to see, she will search the internet to find a detailed recap so she can chat with you.

7. If you tell her you feel your tatas look weird in your dress she will check them out and watch you so intently to give such an honest opinion that she might run her car up on the median in the middle of the road.

8. When you go out to eat, she will totally be on the look out for pickles or let you know when you just won’t like something so you don’t waste your calories on it.

9. She will be on the look out for books you need to read and lend you her Kindle for three weeks so that you can get your porn erotic reading on! (Thank you 50 Shades of Grey)

10. And lastly, she will always be nothing but patient and understanding of your busy day when you don’t hold up your end of the deal to get your blog post up.

Nothing but love to one of my best friends, soulmate and fellow obsessor!

Happy Birthday Smash!!!

The kind of Revenge I like: Joshua Bowman.

One of my new fave shows this season is Revenge on ABC. Its juicy, dramatic, sexy and completely addicting. Most of the male characters are pretty hot, but the reason I check my DVR every Wednesday just to be sure it tapes is Joshua Bowman!

Joshua Bowman Revenge hot

He is handsome, stacked and comes complete with a British accent!!! I have a hard limit with ages (since I am slowly approaching 30), and no one under 25 gets to cross this line. However, as per most my rules there are exceptions and this 24 yo meets them! I have found myself having to go back and rewatch scenes because I just stare (and drool a little) so much at him.

Joshua Bowman Revenge hot Women's Health Joshua Bowman Revenge hot GQ

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50 Shades of ???

{ OK, we’ve discussed the books, now it’s time to discuss the movie. Specifically, who could possible play Christian. Here are our thoughts. Would love to know yours! }

Sara: So I am at the start of book three in the 50 Shades of Grey series. And I am very excited about going to meet the author next week!! Since the movie has been scheduled to go into production, it has me thinking who could play Christian. I am at a loss. I have gone through all the GO hotties, and I am not sure anyone fits the bill!

Ash: I KNOW! It’s really a tough call. Part of me thinks they should cast someone unknown. I didn’t really know Robert Pattinson until he was cast as Edward and now I totally adore him. But would I feel the same way if he wasn’t playing the vamp of my dreams? I don’t know. Of all the men in Hollywood, I don’t know who I’d choose. Well, that’s not true. I’d choose Christian Bale from like 12 years ago when he was in American Psycho. He has just the right amount of crazy, and the name! But I know that’s not a reality, and let’s be honest, I just wanted an excuse to look at pages of CB pictures…so any actual ideas?

Christian Bale Christian Grey 50 Shades Christian Bale Christian Grey Christian Bale Christian Grey 50 Shades of Grey

Sara: I don’t think there is anyone as hot as Christian Grey with enough of an edge like him. I have been thinking about it over and over again and just don’t know who would play him well. I kinda thought Jake Gyllenhaalmainly because I know what his body can look like (thank you Jarhead) all jacked up and I wouldn’t mind seeing that again. But as much as I love Christian I am not sure I want to see Jake like that. And I heard Ian Somerhalder was interested. I am torn about how I feel about that, what about you?

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Obsession collection: Nude pumps.

We have gone Naked and now we are going nude!! I am so excited about all the options in a nice nude pump that are available. I love the clean look of nude, and they go with everything. With all the color blocking and pops of colors that are trendy right now it’s nice to have a neutral shoe. They go with anything, and with so many styles you could wear them year round! Ash even just got a pair! The list below should cover just about any obsessors shoe preference!

Oh, and be sure to check out our past Obsession Collections!

GirlyObsessions Obsession Collection Nude Pumps Heels Shoes

1. Steve Madden Dejavu $129.95
2. Kate Spade Karolina $298
3. BCBGeneration Tinas $89
4. Kelsi Dagger Linzy $120
5. Chinese Laundry Hotness $69.95
6.  G by Guess Vianaa $44.95
7. Steve Madden Solangee $109.95
8. Cole Haan Mariela Air $328
Christian Louboutin Daffodil $235 here or $6,395 here

{ Click links for more info or to purchase. Photos courtesy of respective retailers. }

Nothing Grimm about him: David Giuntoli.

My supernatural affection has expanded! For the longest time I couldn’t get on board with vampires, let alone any other creatures. Now it seems I am hooked and can’t get enough of the freaks!

David Giuntoli Grimm David Giuntoli Grimm hot

My recent find (thank you Debalicous) and love is David Giuntoli from Grimm. He is not a shape-changing, creepy, gross creature. He is the one who can SEE all the creepy, gross creatures! The show takes place in Portland, OR (be still my heart and hometown) and he is a police officer who is also a Grimm. Grimms can see beyond what all us normal folk can see, to what people really are. Those around him range from rats to weird gargoyles. Normally Grimms attack and kill anyone who they suspect to be any type of abnormal. But not Nick (David’s character). He is sweet and caring, and willing to help them all. Through all this he continues to try to be a good boyfriend.

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