What you should know.

About GirlyObsessions. And founder Ashley Rutter.

Ashley Rutter

Hi, I’m Ashley, and I’m obsessed. And I started GirlyObsessions in 2011 as a place to share those obsessions. Well, the girly ones.

A little more about me (and my obsessions). I was born in Maryland (where my earliest obsessions were also born like My Little Pony, doxies, steamed crabs and Green Day) and came to live in southern Connecticut (Kate Spade, lip gloss, photography and good food) via a small stay in Syracuse (boots and Dinosaur BBQ, although decidedly not obsessed with snow). I studied Communications Design at Syracuse University (typography and Orange), and began my career in packaging design (which started an obsession with food photography).

I have worked in advertising, B2B communications, a small stint back into packaging, and I now work mainly in the digital world. I am so lucky to get to do what I love every day, but being a designer, I am always looking for other creative outlets. I love to travel and explore. I love to bake. I love taking and editing photos, and am slightly addicted to Lightroom. And most importantly, I just love to think creatively.

This blog has become the ultimate creative outlet. It is a place where I can design something for myself, that is my aesthetic, that isn’t critiqued and sent through five rounds of edits and focus groups. It is a place where I can share all the things I’m obsessed with, because those are the things that define me and my personality. I love elephants, hot pink, Green Day, stripes, cupcakes, sparkle, celebrity gossip, polka dots, Kate Spade, houndstooth, MINI, lip gloss, boots and Instagram. The list can go on forever, and it does, in the form of this blog.

I believe that word of mouth is the best form of advertising amongst women. We’re passionate. We obsess. We gossip. We share the love and spread the word. I want to start a conversation about the things I love. About the things YOU love. I want to start a girly, obsessive movement! I hope you’ll join in and I hope you enjoy the blog!

P.S. I have several fabulous guests who share their obsessions on this blog. If you want to contribute to GirlyObsessions, please click here.