Hottie Madness, Round 2: The Seducers.

We’ve reached final bracket in Round 2 of Hottie MadnessThe Seducers. A couple of upsets in this one. Christian Bale beat Diego Boneta, but personally, I think CB should have started with a higher seed anwyays. And even though it was a close race,  I am thrilled that John Slattery upset Glee-candy Jacob Artist. There is still time to vote in The Players Round 2 bracket and send your fave hotties to the Sweet 16!

You can click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. Voting for this bracket ends Thursday, March 28th.

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Round 2, The Seducers: Josh Hutcherson vs Chace Crawford. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(1) Josh Hutcherson vs (9) Chace Crawford

I guess there is more to hotness than an amazing bod, and Josh Hutcherson beat out Mario Lopez’s abs by 60%. It was a close race between Chace and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but Chace ended up winning with 51%. Sad. You know I love my JG-L. So what do you think? Is Peeta more popular than Nate Archibald? I don’t know, I guess this is kinda like the Hottie Hunger Games? Only the strongest hottest survive. And may the odds be ever in your favor… (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Round 2, The Seducers: Christian Bale vs Daniel Craig. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(12) Christian Bale vs (4) Daniel Craig

Uh oh. Batman vs Bond. Enough said. (Well, in case you’re curious, Christian upset Diego Boneta with 83% of the vote, and Daniel Craig won over Charles Esten with 69%. Is no one watching Nashville? Cause if you were, I think Charles’ numbers would have been higher…)

Round 2, The Seducers: Hugh Jackman vs Dermot Mulroney. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(6) Hugh Jackman vs (3) Dermot Mulroney

I guess there was no love for the tennis hotties, as none of them moved on from Round 1. Hugh Jackman had a major win over Federer with 96%. And Dermot had a big win over Justin Hartley with 87%. But now have another situation where there are very few pics of Dermot on Google, but SO MANY good pics of Hugh. I did the best I could, but sometimes, life (or a Google image search) just isn’t fair.

Round 2, The Seducers: Ian Somerhalder vs John Slattery. Hottie Madness 2013 presented by Girly Obsessions.
(7) Ian Somerhalder vs (15) John Slattery

I guess vampires are hotter than zombies (obvi), and Ian beat Nicholas Hoult with 78% of the vote. John’s win over Jacob Artist was pretty narrow, only 52%, but I’m glad there is love out there for Roger Sterling! And between the characters Ian and John play, I feel like we have a battle of quick wit and sexy smirks.

Good luck to all the hotties and thanks so much for voting! Check back Friday for the Sweet 16!

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  • Glenn

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    I think hugh Jackman should win it all!!!

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