Revolutionary hottie: Billy Burke.

Billy Burke (aka Charlie Swan sans mustache) is my new fave thing about Monday nights. When I watched Revolution for the first time, I knew Miles Matheson looked familiar, but it took me a minute to figure out why. Then I realized it was every Twihards favorite cop with a mustache and a dry sense of humor, Charlie Swan. I mean, really, who knew there was such a hottie under that mustache?? Although he kind of pulls it off, not quite as well as Tom Selleck, but then again, who does?

Billy Burke Revolution sexy black and white
Billy Burke Revolution sexy guitar Billy Burke Revolution sexy black and white IMDB Billy Burke Revolution sexy suit Christopher Beyer

I’m not sure there are any pictures of Billy smiling, like, with teeth. He has that more of that rugged, sarcastic, sexy bad-ass smirk thing going on. And he knows how to handle his a sword. Oh, and he’s a musician. Even sexier. As a huge fan of Lost, I am totally obsessed with Revolution. I’ll just say this, if the power goes out, I wouldn’t mind being stuck with him!

Billy Burke Miles Matheson Revolution Billy Burke Revolution Billy Burke Miles Matheson Revolution Billy Burke Miles Matheson Revolution

Anyone else obsessing over Revolution and Billy Burke?

Photos courtesy of NBC, IMDB, & Christopher Beyer.

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  • Charly

    posted on 10.9.12 at 1:22 pm


    I haven’t heard of Revolution, but I love and adore Billy Burke!

  • TA

    posted on 11.1.12 at 4:53 am



  • Denise Barlow

    posted on 11.13.12 at 2:53 pm


    OMG, I love Revolution and Billy Burke.

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