Obsession Collection: Girly DSLR Camera Bags.

Even though Obsession Collections started a while ago, I think the search for a feminine camera bag is the one that actually generated the idea. There are plenty of camera bags out there (believe me, I think I went to the end of the Google search on this one), but it’s hard to find a nice, quality bag that is made for a women. One that is cute and girly but still practical and useful. These are some of my favorite options that would create a nice home for your camera and gear. The one I actually own is #6, the Kelly Moore Classic bag, in purple. I love it!

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Obsession Collection: Girly DSLR Camera Bags Ona Kelly More jo Totes Jill-e

1. Epiphanie Belle $164
2. Jill-e Small Bone Leather $129.99
3. Jo Totes Georgia Neon $107
4. Cheeky Lime Classic $98
5. Jill-e Swing Camera $59.99
6. Kelly Moore Classic $199
7. Ona The Venice $329
8. Jo Totes Betsy $109
9. Jill-e Compact System Bag $99
10. Capturing Couture Bohemian Jubilee $199 

Click links for more info or to purchase. Photos courtesy of respective retailers.

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