New Glee-candy: Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist.

Hey Gleeks! Who’s excited about the new season of Glee? It started last week and I’m happy it’s back! It was nice to see some fresh new faces at McKinley and NYADA, especially two new hotties: Brody (Dean Geyer) and Jake (Jacob Artist). And I kind of loved Kate Hudson (that girl has some good genes) as the bitchy, boozy dance teacher, but I do miss her less-bitchy-How-to-Lose-a-Guy-in-10-Days version. Plus the glee kids covered Call Me Maybe, so overall, it was a total win.

Dean Geyer Glee Jacob Artist Glee

Back to the hotties. We first meet Brody Weston in the coed bathroom where he’s singing in the shower and introduces himself Rachel wearing only a towel. (Tried to get a pic of that but no luck, sorry!) Brody is a junior who’s majoring in musical theater, so he has talent (and muscles), and he makes sure to let Rachel know he’s straight, despite his 3am primping routine!

Dean Geyer Brody Glee Lea Michele Rachel
Dean Geyer Brody Glee Dean Geyer Brody Glee

Jake is an aspiring gleek with a smooth, soulful voice. His audition is cut off by Will before he finishes, which leads him to throw a music stand across the stage. His temper is kinda hot! When Will meets with Jake later in the episode, we learn that he is Puck’s half-brother, who Puck doesn’t know exists. It also explains the temper! And the good looks. And the talent!

Jacob Artist Jake Puckerman Glee Jacob Artist Jake Puckerman Glee

So who else is excited about Season 4’s new talent hotties??

Photos courtesy of Fox and IMDB.

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