Gratuitous Henry Cavill.

I was going to save the Henry Cavill post until Man of Steel was released, but since it’s not coming out until NEXT YEAR, screw that! I’m not waiting that long! He has a movie coming out this weekend, The Cold Light of Day, so he deserves a post RIGHT NOW. And do I even need a reason to post pictures of Henry? Umm, no.

Henry Cavill Dunhill ad
Henry Cavill for Dunhill Henry cavill Superman Entertainment Weekly Henry cavill Superman Entertainment Weekly

He’s already  been the subject of a few posts, including being one of our top picks to play Christian Grey! So let’s just call this a gratuitous Henry Cavill post and we can enjoy it for what it is: pure hotness. And his new movie looks pretty good. But, to me, a shirtless, sweaty Henry Cavill totally equals a good movie!

Henry Cavill in The Cold Light of Day shirtless
Henry Cavill Comic Con Henry Cavill shirtless muscles Henry Cavill

And here is the trailer if you need visuals of Henry in action!

Photos courtesy of EW, Tumblr & IMDB.

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