Girl crushing on: Claire Danes.

The early 90’s were clearly pivotal years in my obsession forming stages. Billie Joe Armstrong, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprioClaire Danes. I don’t know any girl who wasn’t totally obsessed with My So-Called Life. It was pure teenage angst perfection, complete with flannel, Doc Martens, and Jared Leto. Remember when he sang I Wanna Be Sedated? And Red? Total swoon. Oh, but this is about Claire Danes. Right, sorry.

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So I’ve been a fan of Claire’s since MSCL. And I absolutely loved her in Romeo + Juliet. (Even though I was mad at her for getting to kiss Leo.) And now my obsession is back in full swing after a recent addiction to Homeland. Seriously, how amazing is that show?? And you know what else I love about her? She’s not afraid to ugly-cry. Like in R + J when she has that epic sob. And in Homeland when Carrie has her batshit crazy moments. Ugly-crying is real acting. And that’s why she won an Emmy!

Actually, in her interview with British GQ, she said: “When I’m playing someone else, I think, ‘Well, if she’s ugly, it’s not on me, it’s her,’ so I’m not limited by that. I’m always amazed when I see actors checking the monitor to see how they look. That’s so alien to me. That’s so bananas!” ”

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I think she’s gorgeous in a real sort of way. I love that she’s a smarty-pants. (She attended Yale for two years.) I love her adorbs husband Hugh Dancy. I love her perception of fame: “I cannot imagine what it would be like to be Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. I was watching a documentary about Britney Spears, and what she has to cope with really shook me.” Ha! And I loved her in this pink confection of a dress at last years Academy Awards. Basically, everything about her.

Anyone else sharing the love? Who’s excited for the return of Homeland on Sunday? And for a blast from the past…

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Photos courtesy of British GQ, Asos, Angeleno, Capitol File & NY Times.

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