Girly Fall TV: The Mindy Project.

Tuesday nights are about to get seriously girly. And seriously fabulous. After the season premiere of New Girl (so excited!), stay tuned for The Mindy Project. I’m a fan of Mindy Kaling from The Office (both her acting and her writing), and she not only stars in The Mindy Project, she also created it, writes it and produces it.

Girly Fall TV: Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project

I already feel like I’m going to love this one. I have to! I’m a fan of her style of comedy, especially lines like this: “Maybe I won’t get married, you know. Maybe I’ll do one of those Eat, Pray, Love things. Ugh, no. I don’t want to pray. Forget it. I’ll just die alone.” From what I can tell, this show is all Mindy, so I’m sure you have to be a fan of hers, and her humor, to like this one. But I love that in real life she’s a girly girl who likes to shop, and isn’t afraid to admit she’s obsessed with romantic comedies. Just like her character in the show. And just like me!

Mindy Kaling The Mindy Project Ed Weeks Chris Messina Mindy Kaling The Mindy Project Ed Weeks Chris Messina

Dr. Mindy Lahiri is a successful and slightly unprofessional OB/GYN, who is obsessed with romantic comedies. Her dating life is a disaster, and her search for Mr. Right is constantly getting in the way of her own happy ending. She is funny and impatient, and is determined to turn her life around. She thinks if she can be the perfect woman, she’ll attract the perfect guy. Her coworkers Danny (Chris Messina) and Jeremy (Ed Weeks) provide the eye candy for this show. Danny is a guys’ guy who butts heads with her girly girl personality, and is always on her case. Although in typical guy fashion, perhaps he’s just teasing the girl he likes. Jeremy is the irresistible bad boy that somehow ends up in Mindy’s bed, even though she tries to resist his charm.

Sounds a bit Bridget-Jones-esque (which is fine by me!). Jeremy is like Daniel Cleaver and Danny is like Mark Darcy. Except he’s not Colin Firth! Anyone else looking forward to this one?

The Mindy Project premiers Tuesday September 25, 9:30/8:30c on FOX

Photos courtesy of FOX.

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