Girly week in review.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a week in review. Time has been flying by but trying to get back on track! Any fun weekend plans? My husband and I saw Premium Rush last night.We both enjoyed it and it just took my crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt to a new level! I seriously heart him. Otherwise I have a very random weekend planned, and looking forward to all of it! Oh, and stay tuned next week for another giveaway! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Here are some of the other girly things we found this week:

This store makes me wish I lived in London
Loving this super simple Sparkling Apple Sangria
Michael Phelps is looking stylish and nudish for Louis Vuitton Core Values
Another reason that spray paint is the ultimate DIY tool
Swooning over JG-L’s interview in Playboy
Playing with Food, the yellow edition
Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, beyond yuck, couldn’t have said it better myself

And in case you missed anything on GirlyObsessions this week, here’s a recap:

Flor In the Mix and All Square carpet rug tiles Soho Tyler Blackburn in Troix Magazine hot Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber 50 Shades Catalog Obsessions: Boden Autumn 2012

Square + Dot = Total Flor obsession.
PLL’s hottest bad boy: Tyler Blackburn.
Got 50 Shades withdraw? I have the cute. Part 2.
Catalog Obsessions: Boden Autumn 2012.

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