Girly colorful tech.

Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we can’t be tech geeks! I’m a huge tech geek (of course it doesn’t help that my industry is surrounded by technology), but I’m also a huge fan of color. And while I love the simple stylistic genius of the iPhone (and other Apple products), I still feel the need to dress mine up in obnoxiously bright cases and accessorize it with colorful headphones.

JCrew Colorware Laptop
Colorware Custom Macbook Air laptop

But in my recent J.Crew catalog they had a little blurb about colorful keyboards from Colorware, a company that actually paints a liquid plastic coating on everything from Macbooks and iPhones to headphones, gaming systems and cameras. So, you order your gear directly from them, and for a fee they paint it in the custom colors of your choice. The site works like NikeID where you choose your product and play with color combos (and finishes) until you get something totally fabulous and totally you!

Colorware Custom iPhone
Colorware Apple Magic Mouse Colorware Custom Painted Macbooks Apple Colorware Custom Painted Apple Wireless keyboard Colorware Custom Painted Leica Camera Colorware Custom Painted Apple iPad

So yes, the already expensive gadgets will cost a little more to have them custom painted, but don’t you think you’d be more productive on a hot pink laptop, yellow mouse and purple keyboard?

Photos courtesy of Colorware and J.Crew.

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