The hotties of Team USA.

Sorry for the delay in the hottie post this week! I’ve been busy at work, and since that job pays the bills, it should probably come first! Anyways, I wanted to do a post on the hotties of Team USA. There are 271 men representing our country at the London Olympics, and I looked through all of them! There is A LOT of hotness going on, so I had to narrow it down to a select few (including, like, the entire swimming team). Luckily, most of the summer sports require very little clothing, and that made for a fun image search! So let’s break it down! (Please share love for your faves that I may have left out in the comments!)

The Men in Speedos
Good looks must be one of the requirements for making the Olympic swimming team. Screw those world record times. As long as you look good in a Speedo, you’re in! I can’t feature all the guys, but some of the men featured in these photos are Ryan Lochte, Ricky BerensNathan Adrian (such a cutie!), Conor Dwyer, and of course, Michael Phelps. (His mom was my 7th grade HomeEc teacher, BTW! I sewed a fabulous purple sweatshirt and cow pillow in her class.)

Michael Phelps in Details Magazine Ryan Lochte in Ralph Lauren Team USANathan Adrian London Olympics 2012 Ryan Lochte Ricky Berens Team USA Olympics SwimmingTeam USA Swimming Michael Phelps Ryan Lochte

The Happiest Basketball Player, Ever
There is a special place in my heart for Carmelo Anthony. Not only is he from Baltimore, but he also led ‘CUSE to their 2003 NCAA Championship, which was the year I graduated. What I love most about him: he’s always smiling.

Carmelo Anthony Team USA London Olympics 2012 Carmelo Anthony Team USA London Olympics 2012

Small Men of Steel
Even though gymnasts are on the petite side, they are jam-packed full of muscles. I mean, seriously, how strong are these guys? Considering I want to die after 10 push ups, I don’t know how they do it. Here are a few pics Danell Leyva and Sam Mikulak, who I think might be the happiest guy in the sport!

London Olympics Artistic Gymnastics Men Sam Mikulak Team USA London Olympics Artistic Gymnastics Men Sam Mikulak Happy
Sam Mikulak London Olympics Rings Danell Leyva 2012 Summer Olympics Mens Gymnastics

A Runner and a Rower
The USA has a lot of good-looking fast guys, but I’m partial to Justin Gatlin and his killer smile! And rower Giuseppe Lanzone (originally from Peru) is incredibly handsome, and was chosen by Ralph Lauren to model 2008 and 2012 Olympic collections. I wonder why…

Justin Gatlin Team USA London Olympics 2012
Guiseppe Lanzone in Ralph Lauren London Olympics 2012 Guiseppe Lanzone London Olympics 2012

So, a big CONGRATS to all our champions for representing our country! And for giving us a lot (of muscles) to admire! To sum it all up: Michael Phelps, the look on the right is infinitely better than the look on the left. Just FYI.

Michael Phelps London Olympics 2012 muscles Michael Phelps London Olympics 2012 portrait

And since everyone else is talking about rower Henrik Rummel’s, umm, impressive oar, I might as well share a pic of that, too. Enjoy!

Henrik Rummel Team USA

Photos courtesy of NBC, ZimboGo Fug Yourself, Details, and London 2012.

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  • Ashley

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    My friend Laura said I forgot one. She said: “I’ve been lovingly referring to diver Troy Dumais as “the bulge” since the first time I saw him on that board!”
    Check out Troy “The Bugle” Dumais

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