The hot version of Colin Farrell is back!

Colin Farrell isn’t really on my hottie radar. I don’t know why, he did actually make a phone booth seem sexy… He’s had a lot of looks over the years, and unfortunately some of them were not-so-hot – how gross was he in Horrible Bosses? But I saw a trailer for Total Recall during Batman, and wow, he’s looking GOOD! So, I’m happy to report that hot Colin Farrell is back!

Colin Farrell Men's Health 2012
Colin Farrell Men's Health 2012 Colin Farrell Sexy in Black & White Colin Farrell

He parties hard and has a bit of a bad-boy reputation (although we don’t mind that around here). And it doesn’t stop us from loving those muscles. And tats. And smile. And his fabulously expressive eyes. Oh, and did I mention his muscles? I also love that his native Irish is barely understandable, yet he can pull off a flawless southern twang. How does that work? (How adorbs is the pic of him looking at Kate Beckinsdale? I’d be giddy to be standing next to her, too!)

Colin Farrell at the Total Recall Premiere Colin Farrell Total Recall Premier Colin Farrell IMDB

Photos courtesy of IMDB, Men’s Health & Tumblr.

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