Jeremy Renner takes action.

Catching up on a little eye candy I wanted to post last week. I have to admit, I initially hated the idea of Jeremy Renner in the Bourne franchise. I mean, he’s no Matt Damon. Swoon. And I’m a little on the fence about his looks. Most of the time I think he looks really good, but like my friend Becca pointed out, sometimes he kind of looks like a grown up Elijah Wood. But with muscles. That being said, he looks pretty damn good in the trailer for the The Bourne Legacy (and I’m totally into the GQ picture below). Even though I’ve heard mixed reviews on the movie, I think the general consensus is that Jeremy does a good job. I’m sure Matt Damon’s shoes are not easy ones to fill.

Jeremy Renner action GQ hot  Jeremy Renner action hot
Jeremy Renner action Details

And I really like Jeremy as an action hero. I loved The Hurt Locker, and I even liked him in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Is it weird to admit I kind of loved that movie? So I guess the bottom line is: I like him. And his biceps.

Have you seen The Bourne Legacy? What did you think?

Jeremy Renner biceps hot action Bourne Legacy Jeremy Renner Edward Norton hot action Bourne Legacy
Jeremy Renner hot muscles prestige

*For a little bonus eye candy, how good does Edward Norton look in this movie? I love him! Where has he been???

Edward Norton Bourne Legacy

Photos courtesy of IMDB, GQ, Details & Prestige.

2 responses to Jeremy Renner takes action.

  • rhea

    posted on 8.15.12 at 2:37 pm


    like you i like jeremy as an actor very natural and it shows in the bourne legacy that he gave all his best which turn out to be realistic to watch, ive watch the movie twice so i can tell

  • Emma Jayne Morgan

    posted on 9.13.12 at 8:08 pm


    The Bourne Legacy was awesome as was Ghost Protocol. I’ve yet to see The Hurt Locker. When will you grace us with your good looks and acting talent again?

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