Matthew McConaughey as Dallas, the male stripping fashionista.

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce today’s guest blogger, my friend Becca! We saw Magic Mike together last week, and since she was seriously swooning Matthew McConaughey (I spell his name wrong every time), and since we’ve never done a post on him (what?), I asked her to write this post. I think she did a fab job!

When I was fifteen, I was introduced to Matthew McConaughey in the romcom The Wedding Planner. Little did I know it was the beginning of a long time crush. Movie after movie, I swooned through my teens and now into my twenties. But it wasn’t until a few a weeks ago that I became more aware of how much I truly love his charm, wit, and biceps. June 29, 2012 is now marked the day that Matthew McConaughey took his love for acting to a whole new level in Magic Mike. On this day, he was released to all the women in the theater as Dallas: a haggling-stripping-in-love-with-his-own-body-attention-craving-fashionista.

If there is any reason to go see Magic Mike (besides the obvious hot male naked bods) it is to witness the outfits of Dallas. I can’t think of a better example for the phrase “going all in.” Dallas leaves nothing behind. And NOTHING to the imagination.

Magic Mike Matthew McConaughey Channing Tatum Alex Pettyfer Matt Bomer
Dallas Outfit 3rd Place
The Patriotic Wonka
Topless with a scarf and hat, some might be confused about the season. But for Dallas, it all works. Barely covered in red, white and blue for 4th of July weekend, Dallas accessorizes with a cane (not used for walking). There is nothing sexier than a man representing his country with confidence.

Magic Mike Matthew McConaughey  Alex Pettyfer
Dallas Outfit 2nd Place
Fit to a T
Strippers need to keep in shape. Down at the gym, Dallas sports a fitted yellow belly shirt and matching do-rag. The yellow provides contrast to his tan abs and really brings out his masculine qualities. It’s hard to watch anything else but the way his hips jerk towards the mirror underneath the skin-tight tank. The do-rag covers just the top half of his hair. It’s important to keep stray hairs out of his face while focusing on his man thrusting techniques. The Kid studies Dallas as he works this outfit front to back, head to abs.

And finally.

Magic Mike Matthew McConaughey
Dallas Outfit 1st Place
Happy Ending (Spoiler)
At the end of the movie Dallas surprises us all with his own strip scene. Clothed in all black leather, Dallas shows us the meaning behind his name. With assless chaps, an open vest and cowboy hat, Dallas makes the room come alive. Dropping article by article of clothing on the sweaty stage, Dallas is kind enough to present us with his entire naked body wrapped in sweat and topped with tassels. His muscles swell up and free themselves from the sticky pants. His man cheeks, looking happy as ever, welcome themselves to the stage. Dallas’ hips shake and thrust, allowing the tassels to fly around his bulging man piece. In the words of our friend Eliza: Now THAT is worth my $7!

{ Photos courtesy of IMDB }

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    Mmm…he is very good looking. I have yet to see Magic Mike! Must make the trek over to the theaters very soon.

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