I love you, Christian Bale. (Bonus love: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.)

I guess this is the week for super heroes on GO. And it’s always a week for Christian Bale. I’ve mentioned before that he is one of my all time greatest obsessions, and he is the subject of one of our most popular posts. I love that he’s slightly crazy. I have even admitted that I used to pause his movies (mainly Little Women and Newsies) during certain scenes, take pics of the TV with my camera, get the film developed, and then hang those pictures on my wall. Slightly embarrassing, but it just proves my dedication.

Christian Bale Batman The Dark Knight Rises
Christian Bale Batman  Christian Bale Batman  Christian Bale Batman The Dark Knight Rises premiere IMDB

And while coming back from vacation, I was fortunate enough to have Virgin Atlantic Clubroom access (thanks to hubby’s work travel), and I heard one of the employees say “Christian Bale.” So obviously I assumed he was coming to the lounge. I literally STALKED the front door for like three hours before I finally gave up. Upon my return I saw that he was in Hollywood and nowhere near London, but still. A Christian Bale sighting would have been the perfect end to my vacation.

Christian Bale Batman The Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway Christian Bale Batman The Dark Knight Rises

So I can’t even tell you how excited I am for The Dark Knight Rises. And I’m happy it’s getting good reviews! I love all the Batman movies (well, the ones with Christian Bale, sorry George Clooney) and this one in has a lot of extra eye candy, including my fave Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It also stars the lovely Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard, but they deserve their own post. And since we’ve already posted several pictures of Christian in other posts, I just stuck with Batman-ish photos for this one. And seriously, he is SO hot as Batman. (Even with the voice.)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt GQ
Joseph Gordon-Levitt GQ Joseph Gordon-Levitt GQ Joseph Gordon-Levitt GQ

So Batman, Christian Bale, JG-L fans…enjoy!

{ Photos courtesy of IMDB, WB, People & GQ }

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    Hahaha, this post made me laugh. This sounds like my obsession with Johnny Depp… 😉

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