Girl crushing on: Kristen Stewart.

I finally got around to seeing Snow White and the Hunstman last night, and I thought it lived up to the hype. Although, not to give anything away, I could have used a few more romantical scenes, or some shirtless Chris Hemsworth scenes. Just saying. We’ve dedicated a post to our crush on Chris, and we’ve discussed our undying love for Charlize, but even with all our Twilight posts, we have yet to share the love for Kristen Stewart.

But I’ve actually had a crush on her for a long time. Did anyone see In the Land of Women? I loved her in that (with Adam Brody, swoon), and in Adventureland (with my other nerdy-sexy crush, Jesse Eisenberg). As much as her edgy, angsty, awkwardness can get a tad annoying, I also find it kind of endearing. Anyways, she’s all over the place lately, gracing magazine covers and walking the red carpet. She has seriously stepped up her fashion-game and she’s looking totally hot. I mean I thought she was pretty hot in armor…

Kristen Stewart black and white
Kristen Stewart Interview magazine Kristen Stewart black and white Kristen Stewart W

And I love that Charlize gushed about her in their Interview article. She said: I’m a huge Kristen Stewart fan, too. There’s not an ounce of her anatomy that knows how to half-ass anythingHey, if she’s good enough for Charlize, she’s good enough for me!

Kristen Stewart Charlize Theron Interview Kristen Stewart Interview Kristen Stewart portrait black and white

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  • thestripedelephant

    posted on 6.6.12 at 9:13 am


    Haha, love this post. I saw the movie this past weekend as well, and while I liked it I didn’t love it. I think maybe it was just a little too long for me. The scenery and costumes were beautiful though!

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