Obsession collection: cute cosmetic cases.

Vacation season is upon us! While prepping for my own vacation, I decided it’s time to invest in one item I’m missing: a good quality cosmetic case. I know you’d think with my makeup addiction that I’d have invested in a nice case by now, but in reality I’m using a case that was part of a Clinique gift with purchase from college. Like 12 years ago. I do have a nice toiletry bag, but it’s not big enough to hold all the crap it takes to beautify myself! There are a lot of really cute options out there that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even though I own a lot of products, I don’t take them all with me. That would be crazy! I usually pack the essentials, then I’ll throw in whatever else will fit in the bag that I think I might need! What are your makeup travel essentials? 

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Obsession Collection Cosmetic Cases

1. Kate Spade Do the Polka Dot Small Natalie Case $88
2. Fossil Key-Per Frame Cosmetic $35
3. Vera Bradley Hatbox Cosmetics Case $46
4. Le Sportsac Kevyn $25
5. Lonchamp Le Pliage Cosmetic Bag $52
6. Tory Burch Brigitte Small Cosmetics Case $95
7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Narrow Case $78
8. Tokidoki Love From London Pencil Bag $20
9. Coach Hamptons Weekend Stripe Terry Case $98
10. Tumi Voyageur Monaco Cosmetic Case $145

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  • thestripedelephant

    posted on 6.8.12 at 9:16 am


    I use a Clinique makeup case from years ago as well! Since I feel like I’m never home, I already have a traveling makeup case all packed and ready to go. Mostly with the essentials, but they’re all travel size. Happy traveling!

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