50 Shades of…addicted.

I debated blogging about the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy (by E L James) because I don’t want to be judged. I consider myself fairly well read and these books aren’t exactly classic literature. But whatever. This blog is called GirlyObsessions, and that’s exactly what these books are: an addicting erotic fantasy and a total guilty pleasure. I’m beyond obsessed.

50 Shades of Grey Book Cover EL James 50 Shades Darker Book Cover EL James 50 Shades Freed Book Cover EL James

After hearing all the hype, and desperate for a good read, I had to check them out for myself. All I knew was that they were a “racy” love story. I guess that’s one way of putting it. I couldn’t put them down (hello, addicted) and I read all three in three days. Don’t judge, I’m not the only one. The books, which were finally released in e-book format in March, catapulted to #1 on The New York Times bestseller list (for Combined Print & E-Book Fiction). My Kindle has never seen so much action.

The New York Times dubs this book as “mommy porn and Twilight for grown-ups.” Being a total Twihard, it’s an interesting comparison. I guess they are both a love story about two people who don’t think they deserve each other, centering around a controlling, protective, unattainable man who will never exist in real life, and is perfect-in-every-way-except-one-minor-flaw (vampire and mommy issues that lead to BDSM). The 50 Shades books actually started as a Twilight fan fiction and were described by the author as a “reimagined Bella and Edward love affair set in contemporary Seattle.” So, there you go.

If you haven’t read them, the basic story is this: Anastasia, a somewhat Submissive 22-year-old virgin falls for 28-year-old Christian Grey, a sexy Dominant entrepreneur, who’s into some kinky stuff. The books are not that well written, but it doesn’t even matter. Although, who am I to talk, I’m the queen of overusing words, but I’m writing a blog, not a New York Times bestseller.

And now a studio has bought the rights to the movie. I’m not really sure how a movie adaptation would work, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first in line to see it. Although I feel like this will suffer from the same problem as casting Edward in Twilight: finding the perfect male lead.

So…has anyone else read these books? What did you think? And if they do make a movie, who should play Christian?

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  • Aneta

    posted on 4.6.12 at 6:42 pm


    I just got this book and can't wait to read it. It sound like a guilty pleasure and why not…
    …some escape from everyday life that we all need it:)

    • girlyobsessions

      posted on 4.6.12 at 7:54 pm


      Let me know what you think!! I know we have similar taste!

  • Jodi

    posted on 4.23.12 at 10:14 am


    Great escape! Loved the books – a movie should be interesting?

    • girlyobsessions

      posted on 4.23.12 at 10:23 am


      I think so! Stay tuned later this week, we're going to discuss who should be cast as Christian!

  • Erin

    posted on 7.15.12 at 9:17 pm


    I only started reading the first book two days ago and I am now almost finished the second, I don’t think a movie is the best idea as I don’t think it could be as good as the book and could possibly ruin it – sorry only my personal opinion I would still go and see it…

  • None

    posted on 8.10.12 at 4:45 am


    He’s 27! Not 28. Just saying.

  • None

    posted on 8.10.12 at 5:20 am


    Wait… Sorry :) Let me check …
    He was born 18 Jun 83; She was born 10 Sep 1989.
    When the book timeline starts (2012 ?), she is 21 or 22 (I think) and he is 27 (again, I think).
    So yes, you’re most likely right. And again, i appologise :)

  • Fan

    posted on 11.22.13 at 4:48 am


    I was hooked immediately and also finished three books in record time. I was so tired at work, but it was all well worth it. I want there to be a sequel or another story. I miss reading about Christian and Ana!

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