Baggu. Seriously useful. Now in leather.

My husband (who’s all about recycling) gets annoyed with me when I forget my reusable grocery bags. I thought I was forgetting them because I would just leave them at home after unpacking, but now I realize it’s because the ones I have just aren’t cute enough! I wouldn’t forget a reusable tote if it were, say, teal stripes or neon yellow.

Baggu Medium Tote Bag Nylon Pink

Baggu was started in 2007. They make “simple, high quality bags in many bright colors. They’re durable and fill many uses so you can own less stuff.” And of course, they have many uses beyond toting around groceries. Use them for any shopping trip, for travel, at the gym, at work or the beach, around the city or the country. Seriously, wherever, for whatever. And they have a price tag that won’t break the bank.

Baggu Medium Tote Bag Leather Yellow

Most of Baggu’s products are made of nylon and fold into a flat pouch so they fit easily in your car, handbag, pocket, etc. They come in a ton of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. They even have new laptop and iPad cases. And their latest tote addition includes a new material: leather. I guess it’s not quite practical as nylon. It doesn’t fold up and probably wouldn’t handle leaky groceries very well. But who cares, its super cute and still useful!

Baggu Medium Tote Bag Hot Pink Dot Nylon Baggu Medium Tote Bag Saffron Dot Nylon Baggu Medium Tote Bag Striped Sea Nylon Baggu Medium Tote Bag Neon Duck Baggu Medium Tote Bag Platinum Leather

{ Photos courtesy of Baggu }

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