50 Shades of ???

{ OK, we’ve discussed the books, now it’s time to discuss the movie. Specifically, who could possible play Christian. Here are our thoughts. Would love to know yours! }

Sara: So I am at the start of book three in the 50 Shades of Grey series. And I am very excited about going to meet the author next week!! Since the movie has been scheduled to go into production, it has me thinking who could play Christian. I am at a loss. I have gone through all the GO hotties, and I am not sure anyone fits the bill!

Ash: I KNOW! It’s really a tough call. Part of me thinks they should cast someone unknown. I didn’t really know Robert Pattinson until he was cast as Edward and now I totally adore him. But would I feel the same way if he wasn’t playing the vamp of my dreams? I don’t know. Of all the men in Hollywood, I don’t know who I’d choose. Well, that’s not true. I’d choose