Rated M.

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This post is Rated M for Mario Lopez. It is intended for muscle-loving, dimple-admiring audiences only.

That’s right ladies, in between his gigs hosting Extra and America’s Best Dance Crew, the stops on his book tour for Extra Lean, the filming of his adorably named reality show, Saved by the Baby and what I can only assume has to be hundreds of hours at the gym, Mario Lopez is now the face (or should I say body) of the Rated M underwear brand.

Mario Lopez Rated M underwear abs

This latest move in Mario’s amazingly chiseled (I mean successful) career is really no surprise to those of us that knew him back in the day as AC Slater on Saved by the Bell. Even though Kelly always ended up with Zack, Slater clearly filled out that wrestling uniform better than anyone else… just ask Jessie Spano!

Mario Lopez abs Rated M beach Mario Lopez AC Slater wrestling Saved by the Bell

Like so many of the other hotties featured on GO, Mario’s looks are a huge part of why we love him and the fact that he jumps at any opportunity to take his shirt (and apparently now pants) off just shows how much he understands and appreciates his fans.

Side note to Mario’s talent agent: Let’s hook up some more TV cameos ala Nip/Tuck. Thanks in advance!

Mario Lopez Nip/Tuck

{ Photos courtesy of Rated M & People }

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