Mad Men (and more importantly, Jon Hamm) is back! Bottoms up!

This is a seriously fabulous weekend for entertainment. First up is The Hunger Games. And on Sunday, the two-hour premiere of Mad Men Season 5. I guess the saying is true, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I am beyond excited for its return. I would like to pay tribute to the show and the entire cast because I think the whole thing is genius, but this is filed under Eye Candy for a reason. I know we’ve had eye candy overload lately with Hottie Madness, but I promised a post celebrating the handsomeness that is Jon Hamm, and that’s what this is. (With a little John Slattery thrown in for good measure.)

John Hamm GQ Don Draper Mad Men
John Hamm GQ Don Draper Mad Men John Hamm AMC Don Draper Mad Men

What I love most about Jon is how funny and charming and kinda silly he is in real life, but then he plays Don Draper, the man you love to hate, or hate to love. But, I just kind of love to love. To truly understand the amazingness that is Jon Hamm, you must check out Emotions With Jon Hamm. It’s a priceless collection of his many faces, silly, hot and otherwise. (Which he discusses in this video with Conan:)

And while we’re talking about Jon’s, let’s not forget the silver fox of the show, John Slattery. He was behind me in line at an airport once, and I’m happy to report he’s just as handsome in real life. And how about those striped socks? Just fab.

John Slattery GQ Mad Men Rodger Sterling John Slattery AMC Mad Men Rodger Sterling
{ Photos courtesy of GQ and AMC }

So, don’t forget. Mad Men. Season 5. Sunday, March 25th. 9pm. Who’s excited???

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