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Blog Swapping Series, Part 4: The blog swapping with our besties over at A Good Hostess continues. They will be bringing you their obsessions and we’ll be discussing our hostessing skills. Check out my post, where I discuss the essentials for achieving domestic-baking-goddess status. All you will need is a tiara! }

Let me take a moment to be a bit cocky. I’m one mean cook. I make chicken parm, lasagna, lamb kebabs, shrimp diablo, and roasted pork tenderloin that are to die for. Ash would also tell you that I make one killer mixed green salad. Here comes the “but” though…but I can’t bake anything other than scones to save my life.

Baked NYC Williams Sonoma Brownie Mixes

As a certifiable chocoholic, it’s particularly unfortunate that I can’t make brownies. My saving grace has become Baked NYC brownie mixes. After discovering their delicious decadence at their Brooklyn bakery, I found Williams-Sonoma sold their mixes. Further investigation of the WS food section led me to find Sprinkles cupcake mixes and Momofuku cookie mixes.

Sprinkles Williams Sonoma Cupcake Mixes Momofuku Milk Williams Sonoma Cookies Mixes

Generally, I’m not a fan of anything fake or anything that could be considered cheating – in fact it goes against some of my primary hostessing mantras. However, I have to make an exception when it means the road between me and “Brooksters” (a combination of a brownie base topped with chocolate chip cookie that you bake in a muffin tin…kill me now) gets that much shorter.

They are deadly. And so amazingly perfect.

Ash really just needs to teach me how to bake…at least then while we’re baking, we can bitch. (To be continued…)

{ Photos courtesy of Williams-Sonoma }

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