Requested hottie: Garrett Hedlund.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Megan requested a post on Garrett Hedlund. I have to admit, this guy was never really on my radar. Maybe that’s because I haven’t seen most of his recent movies, which include Tron: Legacy and Country Strong. And I never saw Friday Night Lights. Maybe it’s cause he’s blond and I don’t usually go for that type. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be shown some love.

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He has a bit of that Midwestern-Brad-Pitt-Hollywood-Golden-Boy thing going for him. Actually, he was cast as Brad Pitt’s cousin in Troy, which I have seen. It seems like Garrett has sported a lot of different looks over the years. He does have a bit of a baby face (well, he is only 27), but he looks pretty hot when he’s rockin’ that messy hair with a bit of scruff look. And apparently he can sing! Which I guess I would know if I had seen Country Strong. And I am excited to see him in the film adaptation of On The Road, which will be released some time this year. So, thanks Megan, for getting me out of my bubble and expanding my hottie horizons!

Garrett Hedlund Troy Jensen Photography Garrett Hedlund Troy Jensen Photography
{ Photos courtesy of DA MAN & Troy Jensen }

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